Canadian Spies Monitor Millions Of International File Downloads Daily

The leading surveillance agency in Canada monitors millions of downloads made across the internet, in what The Intercept calls “a dragnet search to identify extremists”.

BitTorrent Now Lets Anyone Release An Album As A Paid-For Bundle

Earlier this year, Thom Yorke released his new album on BitTorrrent, selling it in a package that had to be paid for. Now, BitTorrent will let any artist release an album as a paid-for bundle.

This Website Lets You Stream Any Torrent With Just A Link

A website called Joker lets you stream torrent files from your browser without downloading the whole thing. This means everybody who downloads Game of Thrones will have an even shorter wait period between the show airing and finding out where Daenerys put those dragons.

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Y’all must’ve been good little smartphone users, because Appaclaus brought a giant bag of new Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps for you this week. Why is there an app-focused Santa, and why does he visit randomly in the middle of August? Nobody knows. Quit asking and start downloading!

The App Store's Most Popular Apps Of 2013

Apple has officially unveiled its most downloaded apps of the year and — well whaddaya know — Candy Crush comes in strong at number 1. There were, however, a few legitimate surprises thrown into the mix

Australia Still World-Beaters When It Comes To Game Of Thrones Piracy

Congratulations, Australia! You bunch of swashbuckling, Game Of Thrones-torrenting, content piracy lovers: thanks to the efforts of the country’s pirates, Australia is still leading the world in Game Of Thrones piracy, as the season finale sets new BitTorrent records around the world.

Here Are Some Stats About How Australia Uses The Internet

Right on schedule! Moments after Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott ended their press conference about the Coalition’s broadband strategy, the Australian Bureau of Statistics dumped out a whole mess of data about how Australia uses the internet. How fast are you going now?

iiNet's April Fool's 'Prank' Turned Out To Be Awesome

Check your iiNet account usage this morning. It should put a smile on your dial.

Go Get Your 7GB Of Free SXSW Music

There’s a lot of tech stuff going down at SXSW between talking shoes and the projection-effect pool tables and whathaveyou, but at the end of the day, music is still a huge part. A 7.39 GB part. And you can go grab it all for free right now.

How Many Songs Do Australians Pirate?

Musicmetric, an analytics company, tallied up all the torrenting that happens across the world to find out which country is the biggest pirate and while the United States is an unsurprising number one, Australia is wedged in halfway down the list.

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