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Turn Your iPad Into A Sexy-Looking Telepresence Robot For $US2000

The world is a dangerous place. Full of stabby things with degenerates attached to them and illnesses that leap onto you thanks to an errant stranger’s cough on a train or bus. Blerg. If you’re afraid of the outside world like I am, then the sleek-looking telepresence robot powered by your iPad from Double Robotics’ is for you.

KFC Is Officially Bringing Back The Double [Updated]

Bacon fans rejoice, for your Facebook Likes have forced KFC Australia to officially bring back the bunless, bacon-laden burger known as the Double.

KFC Australia Wants To Bring Back The Double

Heads up, bacon fans: KFC Australia wants to bring back its breadless burger, known locally as the Double, but only if you like its Facebook page.

Motorcycle Stuntmen Perform World's First Side-By-Side Double Backflip

What is better than a double back flip performed by one motorcycle stuntman? The same aerial manoeuvre performed by two stuntmen at the same time, side-by-side.

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