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DC's Heroes And Villains Get Some Sweet (And Adorable) Rides In These Mini LEGO Sets

DC is not only expanding on the big screen, it’s doing it on a smaller scale, too. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are getting brand new Mighty Micros LEGO sets, which will include the debut of Doomsday as a minifigure.

Meet The Preppers Who Are Ready For The Next Massive Solar Storm

Hurricanes and blizzards are petty trifles compared with the weather phenomenon that troubles apocalypse preppers: They’re worried about a giant electromagnetic storm wiping out all technology.

Australian Doomsday Group Building Bunker In Regional NSW: Report

Despite the fact that people smarter than you or I have assured us that nothing will happen come December 21, 2012, there’s still a special few who think that the world is going to come to a fiery end. If you’re one of those special folk, good news: there’s bunker you can buy into in regional New South Wales.

The Complete Video Guide To The 2012 End Of The World Imbecility

NASA has already spent some time explaining why all the 2012 End of the World theories are as stupid as those who postulate them. This video is not by NASA, but it summarises things perfectly.

NASA: We Aren't Going To Be Consumed By A Black Hole, You 2012 Doomsday Imbeciles

We knew that the world isn’t going to end consumed by a supernova in 2012. Now NASA has published another article debunking another doomsday imbeciles’ theory: cosmic alignment between Sun, Earth and the huge black hole at the centre of the galaxy.

Family Time Is Now Gadget Time

Kids are texting so much it’s literally affecting their health; the President’s secret iPad may or may not have a receipt; and today we learned over at the New York Times that families are too busy staring at screens to give a shit about family anymore. Are we beyond hope?

How A Soviet Doomsday Master Missile Looks And Works

Yesterday we learnt that the Soviets still have a working doomsday system in place. This is an SS-17 ICBM master missile, which are launched first. Once they are in the skies, they activate the launch for all the Russian nukes.

Get Nervous: Rusty Soviet Doomsday System Still Turned On

Wired Magazine has a fascinating article on the doomsday system that was built by the Soviets 25 years ago. It was designed to obliterate the US no matter what happened to the USSR—and it still works today. Shiver.

Girlfriend Convinced To Put Out On Film Because Of LHC Doomsday

Today we learn that you can get a frigid girl to not only put out, but to do it on film by playing the Large Hadron Collider card. (Baby! No one will see that video since the world is ending!)

3,000 Dark Comets May Destroy Earth, Astronomers Say

As if we didn’t have enough with the world going to hell on its own, two British astronomers-neither of which called Hans Zarkov-are saying that Dark Comets are a huge security risk to Earth:

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