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What Should Parents Do With Their Spare IVF Embryos?

When in vitro fertilization was developed in the 1970s, critics of the technique imagined a world a la Aldous Huxley, filled with assembly-line designer babies. It didn’t turn out like that. Instead, the procedure simply gave infertile couples another route to start a family. But it also created a problem that critics never imagined.

Have You Ever Donated Money To Wikipedia?

Every so often, Wikipedia — the great internet resource that everyone uses — starts asking people for donations. This year a gigantic morning pee-colored banner pops up asking for a few bucks so the lights can stay on and we can all get free information. It’s a great cause! Can you imagine the internet without Wikipedia? But have any of you guys ever donated?

Obama Is Using Square To Take Donations Now

President Obama wants to get re-elected! No surprise there. He also needs your money! Big whoop. He’s going to use Square to get those donations! Hey now, that’s pretty convenient. According to Politico, campaign personnel for Obama are being issued Square credit card readers

Jodie Foster Helps Reactivate The Search For Extraterrestrial Life

Things got pretty hairy for alien civilisations hunters after the US government shut down SETI last April. But thanks to the donations of many people, the search is back on. One of those donors is the lovely Jodie Foster.

Wikileaks Spoofs Mastercard Ad In Video Plea For Donations

Parodying the “priceless” Mastercard ad would’ve been funny enough, but once you remember Mastercard was one of the companies that refused to honour donations to Wikileaks, it makes Julian Assange’s video all the more effective.

Donate $US1 To Offset The CO2 Of Your iPhone 4

Philanthroper has a really good donation up today: you pay a dollar and you can offset the lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions from an iPhone 4. Which means, you’ll help “suck and trap the greenhouse gas that’s driving climate change”. [Philanthroper]

It Might Take 3 Months For Your Text Donations To Get To Japan

One of the easiest things to do to help people in times of disaster is to give donations by texting. This system worked really well for Haiti, people gave over 25 million dollars and the carriers handed off the money to Haiti immediately. But for Japan, the money might not get there until three months later. Why?

Did Your Donation Really Reach Japan? (Probably Not.)

Twitter is full of anxious donors, retweeting to text REDCROSS to 90999 to make $US10 donation. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this donation: The American Red Cross is a superb organisation. But Japan hasn’t actually asked for help just yet.

Over 500,000 Donations Earned Wikipedia $US16 Million

Fire up Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales’ face is still grimacing at you—but he should be disappearing soon, as they’ve raised over $US16 million for their Wikipedia donation drive. $US22 was the average donation made, apparently. [PC Mag]

Support The War Photographer Who Lost His Legs To A Landmine

A few weeks ago, embedded with a patrol in Afghanistan on assignment for the New York Times, photojournalist Joao Silva stepped on a landmine and lost both his legs below the knees. He kept taking photographs the whole time.

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