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Deals: Get A .Tech Domain For Your Website: Now Up To 80% Off

Securing a decent domain name can be pretty difficult. Chances are someone has already secured the one you want, or is sitting on it to resell at a huge profit. Luckily, the .tech extension is new enough so that many domain names are still available. Right now, Gizmodo readers can grab a subscription to a Radix ‘.tech’ Domain and save a minimum of 80% off the retail price.

Twitter Just Won Off An Aussie Domain Squatter

Popular microblogging social network Twitter operates from a single Web address, but has to be constantly aware of imitators or competitors using its trade marks to confuse or misdirect users. A man from Cessnock in New South Wales, who bought the domain just after Twitter’s online debut, has lost the right to hold the URL he offered to sell to any interested party for $500,000.

The Internet's Hottest New Domain: .SUCKS

The internet-naming powers that be (otherwise known as ICANN) have already blessed us with such distinguished, venerated domains as .WANG, .SEXY and .FISH. But now it’s gearing up to grant us with every diligent #Brand’s worst nightmare: Welcome to the .SUCKS era.

Amazon Beat Google To Buy The .Buy Domain Name For $US4.5 Million

Amazon — king of selling stuff on the interwebz — just paid a cool $US4.5 million to buy the rights to the .Buy top-level-domain, beating out Google in the process.

Amazon Owns (And Plenty Worse Than That)

If you’re a huge commercial organisation, it pays to not have too many random people on the internet making cheap jokes at your expense. Which is, presumably, why Amazon owns a slew of silly and offensive domains that include its name.

Are New Top-Level Domain Names A Squatter's Dream?

Boring old .com and .net just aren’t cool any more. A huge range of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are available now, but they offer new potential for squatters and scammers to capitalise on the names of big companies. The most popular new gLTD, .xyz, has 80,000 new domains already, and in that list are some big tech trademarks — but they weren’t registered by the companies themselves.

Why Has Apple Been Registering Nonsense Domain Names For The Last Year?

Apple owns a bunch of obscure, new and unused domain names, including, and At least these domains sound like they have a purpose, but the Cupertino company is also doing something a lot weirder. Since March last year, Apple has been registering utterly random domain names and then cancelling them a few days later.

.CHEAP .SEXY .WANG: The Best New Domains Going Up For Grabs Tomorrow

The internet as you know it might seem infinite, but according to ICANN, it’s still not quite infinite enough. Soon, a whole new world of internet real estate is coming your way in the form of 122 brand new domain names. That’s right, you can finally make YourNameHere.SEXY all your very own.

Google's Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless 'Search' Domain

ICANN’s loosening up and getting ready to roll out a whole new batch of .whatever generic top-level domains, but Google wanted more. Google was pushing for crazy, dotless domains like http://search. But the dream is over. ICANN just smacked it down.

ICANN Approves First Generic Top-Level Domains -- And They're Non-English

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is currently busy deciding the future of the internet in Durban, South Africa, this week. First on its list: non-English generic top level domains.

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