.CHEAP .SEXY .WANG: The Best New Domains Going Up For Grabs Tomorrow

The internet as you know it might seem infinite, but according to ICANN, it’s still not quite infinite enough. Soon, a whole new world of internet real estate is coming your way in the form of 122 brand new domain names. That’s right, you can finally make YourNameHere.SEXY all your very own.

Google's Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless 'Search' Domain

ICANN’s loosening up and getting ready to roll out a whole new batch of .whatever generic top-level domains, but Google wanted more. Google was pushing for crazy, dotless domains like http://search. But the dream is over. ICANN just smacked it down.

ICANN Approves First Generic Top-Level Domains -- And They're Non-English

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is currently busy deciding the future of the internet in Durban, South Africa, this week. First on its list: non-English generic top level domains.

Should The .Amazon Domain Belong To The Company Or The River?

Amazon is busy trying to gobble up all kinds of top-level domains — .book, .read, you name it — but it also has its eye on .amazon too. Turns out that the Brazilian and Peruvian governments have something to say about that though and would rather snag it for the famous river.

Google Wants To Create A Dotless Domain Called 'Search'

It’s well known that competitors aren’t keen on Google getting hold of the .search top-level domain. However, the search giant has outlined a new plan that would make use of the string as a dotless domain — open for use by any other search company too.

Publishers File Complaints Over Amazon's Bid To Secure .Book Domain

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Authors Guild and Association of American Publishers have filed formal objections to Amazon’s bid to secure new generic top-level domains like “.book”, “.author” and “.read”.

US Authorities Seize Domains Over Android App Piracy For The First Time

Android’s free-wheeling, open ecosystem has a major app piracy problem, and the US government just got involved in a big way. Yesterday, the Department of Justice announced that it had seized the domains of three popular destinations for illegal Android downloads. Applanet, Appbucket and Snappzmarket are now dead.

8 Crazy New Internet Domains Companies Want

Not content with the current, perfectly functional system of dot coms and dot orgs, ICANN just allowed 2000 applications for new top level domains for corporations. Get ready for!

Animal Rights Group PETA Launches XXX Site

Today, animal rights advocacy group PETA, known for its provocative ad campaigns, finally launched the long-awaited adult website.

Meet The Man Who Registered 14,962 Domains In 24 Hours

This is Michael Mann. Last week, in a binge lasting less than 24 hours, he registered 14,962 domains. He plans to sell them on to the likes of you and me, at an inflated price, to make a bucket load of cash — which is how his company manages to pull in over $US400,000 every month.