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There Is Certainly Room In The Horror Universe For A New Puppet Master Movie

The original Puppet Master was released direct-to-video in 1989, but it became a cult sensation that spawned a franchise of sequels, prequels, spin-offs, toys and comics. And since haunted puppets are evergreen (see also: Chucky), it looks like the Puppet Master series is about to get some major new big-screen love.

Gaze In Terror Or Boredom At This Livestream Of A 'Haunted' Doll Sitting In An Office

Sure, it’s just a doll. It’s just going to sit there, staring blankly, while Destination America’s webcam records its utter lack of movement. But since this is a supposedly haunted doll, maybe some crazy shit might happen?

I Can't Stop Staring Into Superman Barbie's Dreamy Eyes

Following Wonder Woman and Batman, the latest addition to the Barbie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line has finally been revealed, and Mattel definitely saved the best for last. If being dreamy was a superpower, this version of the Man of Steel would be invincible even to kryptonite.

Barbie Even Has A New Body Type For Brooding, Crime-Fighting Billionaires

At last winter’s San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel announced that it would be making a special line of Barbie figures featuring characters from the upcoming Batman v Superman film. And since the movie’s premiere is just over a month away, the Batman version has just appeared on Amazon.

Barbie Is Finally Available In Three New Body Types

Fifty-seven years after first giving little girls an unrealistic representation of what a woman’s body should look like, Mattel is finally introducing three new versions of the iconic doll featuring tall, petite and curvy body types.

Make Barbie More Useful By Turning Her Into A Swiss Army Knife

Are you hesitant to buy your child a Barbie doll for fear of reinforcing negative stereotypes about women? Instructables user mikeasaurus had the same concerns, but found a clever way to empower kids by turning the iconic doll into an all-purpose multi-tool.

These Dolls Get Sunburns To Teach Kids About Using Sunscreen

There isn’t a child out there who likes being slathered in sunscreen before a day at the beach, but it’s the easiest way to ensure they don’t end up with a terrible sunburn. And to help make that a little easier for them to understand, this pair of dolls also gets a sunburn if not properly protected.

Listen To Thomas Edison's Scary Talking Dolls And Never Sleep Again

Thomas Edison’s phonograph company came out with a line of groundbreaking “talking” dolls in 1890. They lasted only six weeks before being yanked from stores, because the dolls sound like the risen Satan singing a lullaby. Now with the help of new technology, you too can listen to the dolls’ voices and never be at peace again.

Say Goodbye To SeaWorld Barbie

One less entry on a resume that’s a thousand jobs long isn’t going to hurt her career, but a few days ago Mattel confirmed to the New York Post that it had stopped production of its SeaWorld-themed Barbie products as a result of concerns raised by environmental groups.

This Internet-Connected Barbie Can Have Full Conversations With Kids

Using just their imaginations, kids have been having conversations with their toys for years, but an upcoming version of Barbie will finally talk back to them. And we’re not just talking a handful of catch phrases spewed forth after a string is pulled, but a legitimate back and forth conversation powered by advanced voice recognition, and a wireless connection to the internet.

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