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Harley Quinn And Catwoman Become Biker Barbies With Tonner's 'Gotham City Garage' Dolls

For the past few years, DC Collectibles has released a “Gotham City Garage” range of statues, redesigns of DC’s female heroes and villains by Dustin Nguyen that re-imagined them as tattooed bikers. Now high-end doll maker Tonner is getting its hands on the designs, and basically turning them into Biker Barbies.

There Is Certainly Room In The Horror Universe For A New Puppet Master Movie

The original Puppet Master was released direct-to-video in 1989, but it became a cult sensation that spawned a franchise of sequels, prequels, spin-offs, toys and comics. And since haunted puppets are evergreen (see also: Chucky), it looks like the Puppet Master series is about to get some major new big-screen love.

Gaze In Terror Or Boredom At This Livestream Of A 'Haunted' Doll Sitting In An Office

Sure, it’s just a doll. It’s just going to sit there, staring blankly, while Destination America’s webcam records its utter lack of movement. But since this is a supposedly haunted doll, maybe some crazy shit might happen?

I Can't Stop Staring Into Superman Barbie's Dreamy Eyes

Following Wonder Woman and Batman, the latest addition to the Barbie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice line has finally been revealed, and Mattel definitely saved the best for last. If being dreamy was a superpower, this version of the Man of Steel would be invincible even to kryptonite.

Barbie Even Has A New Body Type For Brooding, Crime-Fighting Billionaires

At last winter’s San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel announced that it would be making a special line of Barbie figures featuring characters from the upcoming Batman v Superman film. And since the movie’s premiere is just over a month away, the Batman version has just appeared on Amazon.

Barbie Is Finally Available In Three New Body Types

Fifty-seven years after first giving little girls an unrealistic representation of what a woman’s body should look like, Mattel is finally introducing three new versions of the iconic doll featuring tall, petite and curvy body types.

Make Barbie More Useful By Turning Her Into A Swiss Army Knife

Are you hesitant to buy your child a Barbie doll for fear of reinforcing negative stereotypes about women? Instructables user mikeasaurus had the same concerns, but found a clever way to empower kids by turning the iconic doll into an all-purpose multi-tool.

These Dolls Get Sunburns To Teach Kids About Using Sunscreen

There isn’t a child out there who likes being slathered in sunscreen before a day at the beach, but it’s the easiest way to ensure they don’t end up with a terrible sunburn. And to help make that a little easier for them to understand, this pair of dolls also gets a sunburn if not properly protected.

Listen To Thomas Edison's Scary Talking Dolls And Never Sleep Again

Thomas Edison’s phonograph company came out with a line of groundbreaking “talking” dolls in 1890. They lasted only six weeks before being yanked from stores, because the dolls sound like the risen Satan singing a lullaby. Now with the help of new technology, you too can listen to the dolls’ voices and never be at peace again.

Say Goodbye To SeaWorld Barbie

One less entry on a resume that’s a thousand jobs long isn’t going to hurt her career, but a few days ago Mattel confirmed to the New York Post that it had stopped production of its SeaWorld-themed Barbie products as a result of concerns raised by environmental groups.

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