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Microsoft Sues DOJ Over 'Unconstitutional' Secret Data Searches 

You might never know if police or FBI agents are reading your emails or files stored in the cloud, because the US DOJ frequently issues indefinite gag orders that block companies from telling you. Microsoft argues that this secrecy is unconstitutional — and now it’s suing the US government to stop it.

Apple Says The San Bernardino iPhone Case 'Should Never Have Been Brought'

The FBI has successfully hacked the iPhone connected to the San Bernardino massacre, the Department of Justice has dropped its case against Apple, so all should be well in the world. Not so: Apple would like the last word.

The US Government Didn't Need Apple's Help Unlocking The San Bernardino iPhone After All

The saga over whether the US government should legally be allowed to force Apple to write software to help it unlock seized iPhones may be over soon — or at least the first round. The government has confirmed that it was able to get the data off the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook without Apple’s help.

Feds Respond To Apple: Stop Being A Baby

The US Department of Justice just responded to Apple in the ongoing court battle over what Apple must do to help the FBI unlock an iPhone — and the response is a 43-page document with an argument that can be summarised as “Apple is being a baby”.

NYPD Admits The Battle Over Apple Will Set A Crucial Precedent 

Apple is still fighting with the US government over whether it should create a special software to help the DOJ unlock an iPhone connected to the suspect in the San Bernardino shooting. But government officials and Apple execs agree about one key point: It’s not about one phone. This is about the future of security.

Feds Say Apple's Stand Against The FBI Is Just A PR Stunt 

The US Department of Justice has filed a motion for a court order to compel Apple to assist it in unlocking a phone connected to the dead suspect in the mass shooting in San Bernardino last year. “Apple is not above the law,” it reads.

The FBI Now Needs A Warrant To Use Its Phone-Sniffing Stingray Boxes

Privacy took a blow last week when the NSA got permission to keep operating a massive dragnet. Here’s some better news: As of today, US agents should have a harder time using Stingrays to spy on mobile phones.

Obama's $US20 Million For Police Body Cameras Is A Good Start

On the heels of rioting over police violence in Baltimore, the US Justice Department announced today that the Obama administration will be giving local police departments $US20 million in grants to buy body cameras for their officers.

New Policy Will Grant FBI Power To Install Tracking Malware On Computers Worldwide

The rules for how the US Department of Justice tracks down criminals in the digital age are woefully arcane. However, the DoJ’s recent proposed changes to update those rules go way too far, using vague terms to grant FBI agents the power to install tracking malware on computers all over the world, without telling people they have started surveillance.

US Authorities Charge Spammers With The Biggest Data Breach In History

The only thing that sucks more than spam are the greedy people who send it to you. That’s why the US Department of Justice charging three spam kingpins responsible for one of the largest data breaches in history is so exciting. Finally, authorities are taking down the spam kingpins — or at least trying.

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