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Doctor Who's Season 8 Premiere Episode Leaks Online

Fancy an early look at the first episode of Doctor Who‘s eight season? You’ll have to engage in piracy to get it: a rough cut of the premiere episode has leaked onto torrent sites around the world.

Doctor Who Season 8 Has A Full-Length Trailer

Grab your sonic screwdrivers and ditch those bow ties, Whovians: Doctor Who‘s eight season is streaking towards us faster than a speeding TARDIS. Here’s the first full trailer for the new season.

Doctor Who Scripts Leak Online

The endless stream of Doctor Who leaks continues, as scripts for the upcoming eighth season leak online thanks to a BBC employee’s screw up.

ABC Working To Put New Doctor Who Season On iView First

The ABC continues to be a beacon of common sense when it comes to making top-shelf programming available quickly to those who watch it online. The new season of Doctor Who is on the way, and the ABC is working hard to fast-track it onto its iView catch-up platform ahead of the local TV broadcast in Australia.

New Doctor Who Season Finally Has A Premiere Date

Missing your favourite Time Lord? Whovians have patiently been waiting for a new season, and it’s finally coming to screens in August.

Doctor Who World Tour Coming To Australia In August

After the slight debacle of the cancelled Whoniverse showcase, Doctor Who is coming to Australia again. As part of a world tour to promote the new eighth series of the show, Peter Capaldi and on-screen companion Jenna Coleman will be travelling the world — and stopping off in Sydney — from 7-19 August.

Steven Moffat: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Was 'The Unwritable Script'

Of all the episodes of Doctor Who ever to air, none have quite the same weight as “The Day of the Doctor”, better known as the show’s 50th anniversary special. As head writer, it fell on Steven Moffat to pen the episode which, as you can imagine, was a monumental task given everything it had to achieve, for fans and the franchise alike.

Should Doctor Who Be Young Or Old? Former Time Lords Weigh In

In November last year, former Doctor Whos Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Colin Baker (no relation) and Sylvester McCoy, got together for a chat at the Doctor Who 50th Celebration in London. One topic that came up was the preference for an older or younger Doctor, a subject all the more relevant given the transition from the “12-year old” Matt Smith to 56-year old Peter Capaldi.

Help This Excellent Doctor Who LEGO Set Become A Reality

Doctor Who comes in many shapes and sizes — literally — thanks to the wonderfully wonderful science-magic of regeneration. What the good Doctor’s regeneration powers aren’t capable of is transforming him into bits of LEGO, which would be undesirable from a practical standpoint, but great for those of us who, well, like LEGO. Fortunately, we have enterprising people like Andrew Clark, who’s put together a great pitch for an official Doctor Who LEGO set.

Whoniverse Cancelled After Matt Smith's Unforeseen Withdrawal

The hotly anticipated Whoniverse event has been cancelled, after star attendee Matt Smith has announced that it would be impossible for him to leave England for the foreseeable future due to a family emergency. The event’s organisers, Hub Productions, are encouraging fans to wait for contact from Ticketek with info about ticket refunds.