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More Details About A Returning Character In Rogue One

Legends of Tomorrow casts its new Vixen. Norman Reedus continues to hype up The Walking Dead‘s gruesome return. Kevin Conroy teases the Batman’s laugh in The Killing Joke. Plus, even more casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming, behind the scenes on Doctor Who season 10 and Stephen Amell on Arrow‘s future. Spoilers!

The Gizmodo Guide To Doctor Who

For over 50 years, Doctor Who has changed the face of science fiction. With more than 800 episodes, and adventures spanning all of time and space, this icon of television science fiction may seem a little intimidating. But the good news is, it’s really quite simple. Here’s the io9 guide to Doctor Who.

The First Details On Doctor Who Season 10 Are Finally Here

Mads Mikkelsen teases a Doctor Strange unlike any other Marvel movie. James Wan talks about subverting expectations with the Aquaman film. Ed Skrein wants an unlikely comic book character to appear in Deadpool 2. Plus, a familiar face returns to The Walking Dead, and Gotham is recasting one of its comic book villains. Behold, spoilers!

The Doctor Who Spinoff Class Will Have An LGBT Lead

The producers of Doctor Who have been rather open about the franchise’s need to push for a diverse cast recently, and it’s taking a big step forward this year with the young-adult spinoff Class, which writer Patrick Ness has revealed will have a gay lead character.

A Fan's Guide To Coping With A Year Of No Doctor Who

We are six months into 2016, and there are another six months to go before we get a new episode of Doctor Who this year. How’s a fan to cope without not 12 episodes of time travel shenanigans to consume and then argue about? Have no fear! There’s so much more to the world of Doctor Who beyond the show, and we’re here to help point you in the direction of the fix you need before the Christmas Day special finally arrives.

We Might Not Have Heard The Last Of Doctor Who's Clara Oswald

Jenna Coleman seemingly left Doctor Who for good last year, as Clara Oswald ran off into time and space cheating death with Arya Stark — a high note for an otherwise uneven companion. But in the realm of time-travel, was this really the last we saw of Clara in the series? Maybe not, according to Peter Capaldi.

James Gunn Addresses Those Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Cameo Rumours

Tom Hiddleston talks about James Bond. Norman Reedus continues to hype up The Walking Dead‘s return. The Star Trek TV show adds a franchise veteran to its writing team. Stephen Amell teases the CW/DC TV universe’s four-way crossover. Plus, Paul McGann wants to return to Doctor Who. Spoilers now!

Could Chiwetel Ejiofor Have Been Doctor Who's First Black Doctor?

Each time Doctor Who‘s titular Time Lord has regenerated in the modern series, fans have called for the next actor to take on the role to defy the white-male tradition — whether that’s calls for a female Doctor or a non-white male actor. We know that black actors have been offered the part before, but now we may know just who turned the role down.

11 Of The Most Constipated-Looking Action Figures Ever Released

As action figures have become more detailed, toy fans have been treated to some amazing-looking figures over the years. But not that long ago, when sculpting techniques were less advanced, toy likenesses could range from the mediocre to the terrifying. Here are 11 figures who look less like they’re ready for action and more like they’re in desperate need of the restroom.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Might Have Found Its Surprising Villain

Hugh Jackman’s facial hair sparks a new round of speculation about Wolverine 3. Mike Mignola talks about the chances of a third Hellboy. A familiar face is returning to Doctor Who next year. Plus the Star Trek show gets an intriguing new writer, and Melissa Benoist talks Supergirl romances. Behold, spoilers!

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