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Help This Excellent Doctor Who LEGO Set Become A Reality

Doctor Who comes in many shapes and sizes — literally — thanks to the wonderfully wonderful science-magic of regeneration. What the good Doctor’s regeneration powers aren’t capable of is transforming him into bits of LEGO, which would be undesirable from a practical standpoint, but great for those of us who, well, like LEGO. Fortunately, we have enterprising people like Andrew Clark, who’s put together a great pitch for an official Doctor Who LEGO set.

Whoniverse Cancelled After Matt Smith's Unforeseen Withdrawal

The hotly anticipated Whoniverse event has been cancelled, after star attendee Matt Smith has announced that it would be impossible for him to leave England for the foreseeable future due to a family emergency. The event’s organisers, Hub Productions, are encouraging fans to wait for contact from Ticketek with info about ticket refunds.

Matt Smith Sends Video Postcard To Sick Doctor Who Fan

Is Matt Smith the nicest guy in the universe? We think so, especially after this video appeared online showing the now ex-Time Lord sending his best wishes to a sick, four-year old fan with an inoperable brain tumour. So many feelings.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Costume Finally Revealed

Forget the bow-tie: this is Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who costume.

Doctor Who And Cards Against Humanity Were Meant For Each Other

The often intentionally hilarious game Cards Against Humanity is so straightforward to grok that coming up with your own disturbing selection of cards is scarily simple. But applying a somewhat adult Doctor Who theme to the creative process? That take brilliance.

Five TV Dates To Mark On Your Calendar (With Trailers!)

2014 is shaping up to be a bumper year for television drama, with new seasons of The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones and Mad Men slated to appear in the coming months. Whether you have legal access to these shows or are a filthy pirate criminal, here are five important dates that should be on your calendar.

Doctor Who: Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Heading Down Under

Who fans, make a note in your diary — and what’ll probably be a serious dent in your wallet — as Matt Smith heads to Australia for a bevy of quick convention dates in March.

Doctor Who's Christmas Special Gets A Longer Trailer

“The siege of Trenzalore is now begun…”

Doctor Who's 2013 Christmas Special Teaser Is Here

It’s only 10 seconds long, but this Christmas Special teaser tells you a whole lot about what is going to be an action-packed, tear-jerking episode.

BBC Has Reportedly Found Even More Missing Doctor Who Episodes, This Time From 1964

It’s almost like the forces controlling fate know it’s the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. First, the BBC uncovered a bunch of lost episodes in Nigeria, of all places. Now, all seven instalments in “Marco Polo”, a Doctor Who serial featuring William Hartnell as the First Doctor, have reportedly turned up.