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The Walking Dead Begins Casting Another Major Comic Book Character

Doctor Who‘s new companion tells us what to expect from her time in the TARDIS. Green Lantern Corps could star three human Green Lanterns. Jared Leto explains what makes his Joker unique. Plus, disreputable Warcraft inns, the Blob comes to X-Men: Apocalypse and a new Agents of SHIELD clip. Spoilers get!

Pearl Mackie Is The Doctor's New Companion

We’ve known for a little while that The Doctor’s next companion has been cast. Now, the BBC has officially announced who it is: Pearl Mackie.

What Superhero Movie Role Could Jeff Goldblum Possibly Be Playing?

Simone Missick discusses what sets Luke Cage apart from the other Marvel Netflix shows. Robert Downey Jr. returns to Sherlock Holmes. The BBC teases the arrival of Doctor Who‘s new companion. Plus, new Humans season two casting, new Game of Thrones pictures and petrifying Alice Through the Looking Glass posters. Spoilers!

Top 10 Most Ridiculously Overcomplicated Doctor Who Villain Schemes

The Doctor, that time-travelling alien mad scientist, is a clever man — but his foes often outsmart themselves. We may never know the Doctor’s real name, but the Master’s name is clearly Rube Goldberg. Here are the 10 most ludicrously byzantine plots that Doctor Who‘s baddies have cooked up.

The BBC Has Revealed The Cast Of Its Doctor Who Spinoff, Class

Since Class was announced last year, we’ve heard barely anything about the young adult series set in the universe of Doctor Who. Today, the BBC revealed the main cast of the school-based series, as well as a few hints that make it sound a bit weirder and Doctor Who-ish that previously thought.

The Flash Movie Could Co-Star Another DC Movie Superhero 

Fox denies those recent New Mutants rumours. Peter Capaldi drops hints about the new Doctor Who companion. Game of Thrones will return to a tragically familiar locale. Plus, new teasers for Warcraft and Preacher, and a Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot could be on the cards. To me, my spoilers!

The Tenth Doctor And Donna Fight Internet Trolls In A New Doctor Who Book

*Actually*, it’s about ethics in time travel. Daleks. Giant killer wasps. Sentient fat babies. The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble teamed up against some pretty awful bad guys during their time on Doctor Who, but a new novel will see them fight their most horrible foes yet: arseholes on the internet.

Peter Capaldi: A New Companion For Doctor Who Has Been Cast

Speaking to a Brazilian website, Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi noted that the BBC has cast a new companion for the Doctor, and we should know very soon who that is.

Here's What It Looks Like When The Twelfth Doctor Draws The Twelfth Doctor

We’ve known ever since that he joined Doctor Who that Peter Capaldi isn’t just a fantastic actor and a Doctor Who fan, but also a delightful artist. So what happens when The Doctor himself gets to sketch, err, himself? You get this.

Peter Capaldi Thinks The BBC Should Care More About  Doctor Who

It’s not every day you get to hear about a TV star criticising their own broadcaster, but Peter Capaldi has lashed out at the BBC for not caring about Doctor Who enough — not in terms of its content, or promotion… but when the show airs in the UK.

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