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A Giant USB-C Dock Gives The New MacBook Every Port It Could Ever Need

Frustrated with your fancy new MacBook’s single USB-C port? OWC wants to be your laptop’s knight in shiny, connected armour with a brand new USB-C dock that turns its lone port into 11 additional connections so you can have all of your hardware and accessories plugged in at the same time.

The World's Most Obscene iPhone Dock Is Bigger Than A Pony

With 28 speakers blasting around 125 watts, the original Wall of Sound made for an obnoxious home stereo system — let alone an iPod dock. But its creators have returned with a bigger and better solution: the Wall of Sound 2.0 that adds an extra 16 speakers, bringing the total to 44 (in addition to a pair of subs) for more decibels and bass than an iPhone dock ever needs.

Make Your iPhone More Useful With This Sleek Dock

If you’re like most people, you stopped using docks back when Apple stopped including them with iPods. That’s exactly why we were so pleasantly surprised when we saw the Bluelounge Saidoka lightning charger for iPhone. It actually looks useful!

Embed Your Devices In This Lovely Dock Like The Sword In The Stone

Playing up the ultra-thin design of modern electronics, this beautiful cypress wood dock, known simply as the Kinodai, features four pre-cut slots, making it seem as though your devices are embedded in the wood like an axe head in a tree stump.

This Lightning Dock Lets You Dial In A Perfect Fit For iPads In Cases

Dropping an iPad onto a dock is not only an easy way to keep its battery charged, it also props it up so it’s not laying sprawled across your desk wasting valuable real estate. And where as most docks can only accommodate an iPad going au naturel, Belkin’s new Express Dock features a dial ’round back so the Lightning connector can be adjusted, ensuring it makes a connection even if your tablet is sporting a snazzy case.

These Clever Docks Turn Your iPhone's Flash Into A Bedside Lamp

By now our smartphones have become a constant bedside companion for most of us. But Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer over at the London-based Raw Edges Design Studio have come up with a way to make them more than just an alarm clock replacement. They’ve created a series of very clever concept docks that turn your smartphone’s flash into a bedside lamp while it’s charging.

New Portable DJ Sound System From Philips And Armin van Buuren

If you’re desperate to be scratching while you’re on the move there’s a new place to turn. GET IT? Ugh. Philips and Armin van Buuren just teamed up to release a new portable controller and sound system for iDevices. An updated version of other Philips releases, the M1X-DJ System has a lightning connector and bluetooth, 80 watt speakers, and integration with apps like djay 2. There are two platters, cross faders and other standard controls.

Belkin's Mythical Thunderbolt Express Dock Is Finally Here

Nearly 600 days have passed since we first swooned over Belkin’s Thunderbolt Express Dock all the way back in September 2011. Well, today, the long-promised, and long-delayed multi-port I/O hub for Macs is a thing you can actually buy.

With A Dock This Awesome, Who Needs A House?

This 280sqm dock is on Storm Bay in Ontario, Canada, is so awesome. Unfortunately, because of the recession, the guy who owns it couldn’t afford to build a house to go with it. But, hey, it’s basically the size of a house anyway.

Prevent Texting And Driving With This Ignition Lock Dock

If you absolutely can’t trust your kids to avoid texting while they’re driving the family car, the ORIGOsafe provides a brute-force way to keep them focused when behind the wheel. It’s a smartphone dock that prevents a vehicle from actually starting until their phone is inserted, ensuring the distraction remains out of sight.

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