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Old iOS Music Accessories Should Work With Apple's New Lightning Dock Connector

For people like musicians who use more sophisticated 30-pin devices, Apple’s switch to a new dock connector could potentially be devastating. Luckily, initial reports indicate much of this hardware will work with the new Lightning connector.

iPhone 5 Upgraders: How Many Cable Adapters Do You Think You'll Need?

Are you planning to get an iPhone 5? Do you have charge stations set up all over your home, car, and office? If you want to keep your setup intact, you’re gonna have to get some of those $35 adapters (or buy new cables altogether). So how many 30-pin-to-Lightning adapters are you going to have to snatch up to maintain the status quo in your nerd cave?

Australian Guy Invents A Fix For The iPhone's Changing Dock Connector

The release of the iPhone 5 should be a happy time. A time where we get excited about big, new gadget releases and start pulling it to bits to find out how it works. But, lo: a cloud hangs over this iPhone day. Nobody is quite sure if their old peripherals and accessories will be made redundant by Apple changing the 30-pin dock connector. Don’t fret though, because an Australian bloke with a 3D printer and a few magnets should fix everything. Sort of.

What's Really Going On With Apple's New Dock Connector

Aside from a larger screen, one of the biggest rumours about the next iPhone is the idea that it will feature a significantly shrunken down dock connector. But how small will it get? And more importantly: why does it matter?

Apple's Infuriating Hardware Changes Are For Your Own Good

If Apple switches from a 30-pin dock connector to a smaller 19-pin design, as a story by Reuters reports, iPhones and iPads would have a new standard port. This is certain to frustrate some people — namely the huge market base that has purchased billions of dollars worth of licensed chargers and docks. The company is thumbing its nose at loyal customers. But it has to happen.

Death To The Dock Connector Is Imminent, Suggests Apple Job Opening

Apple has posted on their jobs pages a job opening at Cupertino for a Connector Design Engineer, which only strengthens the growing speculation that the 30-prong dock connector we’ve all grown accustomed to is on its way out the door.

The iPhone 4S Comes With A MicroUSB Charger (But Not In Australia)

One of the most common complaints about Apple’s dock connector is that it’s proprietary. Don’t have your iPhone or iPad charger on you? You’re totally out of luck. Unless you live in the EU, that is, where the iPhone 4S will come with a MicroUSB charger — of a sort.

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