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72,000 Years Old: DNA Proves Aboriginal Australian Ancestry

The ancestors of Aboriginal Australians and Papua New Guineans diverged from Eurasian populations around 72,000 years ago according to a new DNA analysis of 83 Indigenous Australians from the Wongatha Nation in the North-Eastern Goldfields of Victoria.

The finding supports the idea that humans spread out of Africa in a single event, in the first comprehensive population-level whole-genome study of human genetic diversity in Australia.

ACCC Says Chemmart's DNA Test Ads Are 'Misleading'

Chemmart’s myDNA test described itself as “personalised medicine” where “your DNA results can help guide your future health and lifestyle choices” in Chemmart’s catalogues, television infomercials, in-store brochures and other promotional materials — and ACCC isn’t happy about it, saying it “risked conveying a false or misleading impression regarding the usefulness of the genetic test, and the consumers for whom it may be appropriate”.

Astronauts Finally Tested Their Alien Detecting DNA Sequencer In Space

They haven’t found alien life out there yet, but following the first successful in-space DNA sequencing, astronauts have a better way to look for it.

Australian Scientists Find A Key Process In The Formation Of Life

A research project led by The Australian National University (ANU) has closed an important gap in the understanding of a fundamental process of life — the creation of proteins based on recipes called RNA.

A New Tool On The ISS Could Help Us Find Alien Life

The ISS is getting an incredible new tool: A handheld DNA sequencer. The questions scientists hope it will answer include whether life exists beyond our planet and just what is that weird fungus growing on the wall of the space station?

10 Scientific And Tech Visionaries Who Experimented With Drugs

Is intelligence related to an increased likelihood of recreational drug use? It’s an interesting hypothesis, and one that’s been gaining momentum in recent years.

You Are Alive Today Thanks To The Symbionts In Your Body

Mitochondria float around in the goo of your cells, tirelessly making the molecules that power your body. But these mitochondria used to be independent of your body; they were bacteria, floating free in the world. You are, at a fundamental level, the result of symbiosis — the interdependence of two life forms.

Genetic Analysis Of 250 Burgers Reveals Some Unsavoury Surprises

Last year, a biotech startup called Clear Labs performed DNA testing on a bunch of hot dogs and discovered that they often contain more than the label advertises. The same company has now used its arsenal of molecular technologies to break down your other favourite meat-on-a-bun product: burgers. Once again, there are some unsavoury surprises.

Bio-Engineering Is A Lot Less Dystopian When It Looks Like An Acid Trip

The burgeoning industry of biological design is in the headlines every day. Yet even science journalists have had trouble explaining concepts like CRISPR in terms that everyone can understand. A new exhibition at a Silicon Valley museum skilfully explains the technically and ethically complicated field of bio-engineering to adults — as well as the next generation of gene-editors.

The Woman Who Discovered DNA's Double Helix May Get A Much-Deserved Biopic

Rosalind Franklin, the British scientist whose research enabled the discovery of DNA’s double helix, will be getting a biopic if spec script Exposure is made. Fingers crossed, because not only would a feature film bring Franklin some much-deserved recognition — her life would make for quite a dramatic movie.

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