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Let's Have More Smartphones With Clear Backs Please

This modded Samsung Galaxy Note 5 isn’t a thing you can actually buy, sadly. But with a razor blade, a heat gun and a little perseverance, it’s a thing you can and absolutely should make.

Guy Builds An Electromagnetic Thor Mjölnir Hammer Only He Can Lift

Everyone from Nerf to Sideshow Collectibles will happily sell you a replica of Thor’s mighty Mjölnir Hammer. But if you want it to work just like the one in the comic books and movies do, you’ll need to do what YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced did and build one yourself.

Netflix Built A Button That Delivers Netflix And Chill 

The previously innocuous activity of Netflix and chill has taken on a whole new life thanks to the internet, and the eponymous company is taking every chance to cash in. That’s why there are now plans on the internet for a fully-functional Netflix and chill button.

This Engineer On YouTube Will Teach You To Make Longboards And Ziplines

Maker Faire NYC hits the Big Apple this week, so to get you in the mood for homemade robots, inventions and all things DIY, here’s a YouTube channel that teaches you to make almost anything.

How To Easily Turn Blades Of Grass Into A Long Rope

Ever find yourself in a field of grass and desperately need a rope? Yeah, me too. Turns out you don’t have to live rope-less, you can just grab a bunch of grass and twist them perfectly into a strong and sturdy rope that can hold much more weight than you think. Here’s how, from Youtuber NightHawkInLight.

Mad Genius Creates A Crazy Drone Flying Machine Using 54 Propellers

Man can’t fly, but with the help of 54 drone propellers and an umbrella to protect the ol’ noggin, man can kind of fly. This mad genius made what he calls, The Swarm, which is essentially a lawn chair strapped to some metal bars and 54 counter-rotation propellers and six grouped control channels with Hobbyking stabilisation that can achieve flight.

These DIY Illusions Will Leave Your Friends Dumbstruck

This YouTube channel proves the art of the parlour trick is alive and well. Brusspup has reeled in almost two million subscribers with optical illusion how-tos and science experiments. Here are a few you can try this weekend.

DJ Your Way Back To The '80s With This Floppy Drive Orchestra

Turning old hardware into musical instruments is a time-honoured tradition among nostalgic, tech savvy children of the ’80s. But few have taken the idea as far as James Willis, whose floppy drive orchestra is so cleverly arranged I wouldn’t be surprised to see people deejaying with these soon.

This Rotary Dial Smartphone Hack Fills Me With Glee

Rotary dials are one of my favourite UI devices. I like the force feedback they provide as you spin a number in, and the sound they make as the dial zips back into position. At last, I can have that feeling every time I make a call, using Polish engineer Paweł Zadrożniak’s crazy DiY rotary dial smartphone.

8 Things You Can Do With Old Wine Corks

Cork is one of the magic materials of the world which is fitting since its most common use is in wine bottles (wine being one of the magic liquids in the world). But what to do with all the wine corks you have after you finish a bottle of wine? Don’t just toss ’em out, they can be used as alcohol soaked candles, decorative magnets, bag clips and makeshift labels.

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