Build This Brass Stirling Engine To Keep You Hypnotised At Work

Not every building set has to be made from colourful plastic bricks. If you’re looking for something a little more challenging — and rewarding — than Lego, Hermann Böhm has created this gorgeous stainless steel and brass Stirling engine kit that will take you about three satisfying hours to build. And of course it’s fully functional once assembled.

Homemade Propane Rifle Cannon Shoots Like A Sci-fi Weapon

Science is fun! Especially when it is used to create a homemade cannon that looks so cool when it fires. This guy connected a self-igniting propane torch to some tubes and then coloured the flame so that it pops off green when it blasts. It looks like an alien’s weapon!

How To Build A Cheap(ish) Drill-Powered Go-Kart

You can pretend it’s for your kids, but over on Make they have posted a step-by-step breakdown on how to build this adult-friendly wooden go-kart. It’s powered by nothing but a pair of 36-volt cordless drills, but surprisingly they’re more than powerful enough for even grownups to take a ride.

Beautiful Two-Stroke Engine Lets You Watch Its Inner Workings

Combustion of fuel is usually hidden from sight inside that big hunk of metal called an engine. But Huib Vissier saw something beautiful in this process, so he built a simple engine that showcases combustion rather than concealing it.

Crack A Combination Lock In 30 Seconds With This 3D-Printed Contraption

A few weeks ago, hacker Samy Kamkar showed the world how to easily crack a Master combination lock — the same kind used on thousands of school lockers — in eight tries or fewer. But who has the time for that? Thankfully, Samy has followed up with this wonderful 3D-printed contraption that does all the hard work for you, in about 30 seconds.

3D-Print This Flying Toy You Launch From A High-Speed Spinning Dremel

If you thought rotary tools like the Dremel were all work and no play, Make has a fun tutorial you’ll definitely want to try. You’ll need access to a 3D printer to create this flying toy disc affectionately called the Dremel Devil, and a rotary tool that you can power outside where it’s safest to try this out.

I Want This LED Light Strip That Blinks When Your Train Is Late

At this point, there are heaps of apps that let us know when our trains are running late. But apps aren’t nearly as pretty as an LED light strip set up to blink when something’s wrong with your commute.

How To Make Your Own Powerful Vortex Cannon That Boom Blasts The Air

Video: Let’s say you’re bored. Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of firing a cannon. Let’s say you like blowing things up. Let’s say you spend a free night building this kickass vortex cannon that can blast the air silly. Let’s say it’d be totally worth it just to see these giant smoke ring explosions in real life.

Everything You Need To Build A Triple-Bladed Lightsaber

It’s easy to figure out exactly when Star Wars fans first started building their own replica lightsabers — it was almost certainly the same day the original film premiered back in 1977. And if the triple-bladed lightsaber seen in the teaser for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens has inspired your DIY side, this infographic will walk you through building a simple replica that actually lights up.

Windows 10 Will Be The Software Brains Behind DIY Arduino Projects

Both Start Menu-lovin’ Microsoft maniacs and amateur engineers should froth over this news: Arduino and Microsoft are teaming up to make Windows 10 the first Arduino-certified operating system.

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