Inside The DIY World Of Mapping Caves With Radio

Underground, where this is no GPS and certainly no Wi-Fi, mapping caves requires a different kind of technical ingenuity. Thus, there is cave radio. To learn about the DIY world of cave radio and underground exploration, Gizmodo picked the brain of Stanley Sides, tinkerer and former president of the Cave Research Foundation.

Would You Drink A Beer Made From Kudzu?

As the microbrew industry has become increasingly crowded, brewmasters are becoming more and more creative with their ingredients and techniques. The latest trend, Outside magazine says, is spiking batches with foraged ingredients, from sassafras to kudzu. Sound delicious?

Turn Your Table Into A Psychedelic Music Maker

It’s not so simple to become an electronic musician. The equipment is expensive. There’s not a good how-to book. It’s sometimes a little unclear what exactly electronic music is. That’s why the Contact musical interface is so intriguing.

Awesome Dad Built An Even More Awesome Batpod Motorcycle For His Kids

There’s already a lot of responsibilities in being a parent. You gotta make sure your kids are fed. Make sure they bathe. Make sure they’re safe. And make sure they don’t become a menace to society. There’s only one requirement in becoming an awesome parent though and it’s this: build your kids an awesome Batpod motorcycle they can ride around.

This Chain-Smoking, Gun-Loving Guy Built A Nuclear Reactor In His Home

He chain smokes. He loves his guns. And he almost looks homeless. But he’s actually pretty damn awesome. Meet Doug Coulter. A gunsmith who’s also an amazing DIY engineer. So amazing that he’s built a nuclear fusion reactor in his basement. Yup.

This Guy Modded Out His DeLorean With An In-Dash iPad And It's Awesome

Today we got our first look at CarPlay, Apple’s answer to the interactive in-car infotainment craze. But YouTuber DMCPat didn’t wait around for the Apple sanctioned iPad integration — he built-in an iPad Mini complete with car-ready UI into the dash of his 1981 DeLorean. Doc Brown would be proud.

How To Make The Best Limoncello You've Ever Had

Limoncello! That sweet, tart, and refreshingItalian after-dinner digestif can be a wonderful thing. But, typically, when you go for the store-bought stuff it’s cloyingly sweet, and doesn’t have any of that fresh zip to it. Here’s the good news: It’s simple to make at home and customise it to your own taste, giving you the perfect balance of sweet, sour boozeroo.

ReJigger Cocktail System Review: Cocktails Made Easier, Not Better

Making a good drink isn’t always the easiest endeavour. ReJigger, a Kickstarter project turned real product, aims to simplify the cocktail process for those of us playing the boozy home game. The democratization of the craft cocktail is a great idea, but here’s the thing: You gotta respect the craft.

Oh Man, I Want This DIY Mission Control Desk So Badly

Jeff Highsmith is probably the best dad in the world. It’s OK, other dads, you can take a shot at the king if you too build an incredibly awesome mission control desk. What are you waiting for?

These Guys Made A $2 Million Lamborghini With Only $15,000 And A Volvo

If it looks like a Lamborghini, if it smells like a Lamborghini…it still might just be a Volvo. Yep, the $2 million supercar you’re staring at above was made at home from guys at Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan using a 30 year old Volvo 740. The total money they spent to make a carbon copy of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento was 15 grand. Not a bad deal!