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Build Your Own Cheap BTTF Hoverboard Replica

Remember how elated you were when Mattel announced it would be releasing a replica of the hoverboard from Back to the Future 2? And then how sad you were when it was priced at $US120? Now you can just build one yourself with this handy tutorial and about $US50 worth of random supplies.

How To Turn Empty Pepsi Cans Into A Back To The Future DeLorean

There’s always some added level of satisfaction when you build something yourself. So instead of spending money on a model of the BTTF DeLorean assembled in an overseas factory, here’s a simple tutorial — courtesy of Dave Hax — that will show you how to build one from scratch using a couple of empty Pepsi cans and other household crap.

104 Pennies Help This Simple 3D-Printed Toy Walk

Invented in 1981 by John W. Jameson, the Walking Gyro is a simple toy that relies on a spinning flywheel and centrifugal forces to take tiny, but steady, steps. Mattel patented the design, but never actually put it into production. And now that its patent has expired, there’s a free 3D-printable version that anyone can make themselves.

This High-Speed CD Cannon Is A Killer Way To Destroy Old CDs

Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day. Give a person a workshop full of tools and they will build an utterly amazing cannon that launches CDs and DVDs like a machine gun. If there’s a better way to destroy a stack of misburned CDs, the internet hasn’t seen it yet.

Weaponising Nerf Toys: Don't Try This At Home

Strict safety regulations and litigious lawyers mean your kids’ toy foam blasters don’t have a lot of power behind them. And that’s a good thing, unless you spend you days making insane slingshot creations and have decided that Nerf’s Rebelle Bow Blaster needed an upgrade like Joerg Sprave did.

Shooting Brown Sludge From A Cannon In Slow Motion Is So Much Gross Fun

It’s abundantly clear now that a slow motion camera is probably the funnest toy a bored suburban kid could ever ask for. Anything you do is immediately more gross, epic, impressive, sillier and just plain funner-er than real life. You could just load up a homemade cannon with brown sludge and ketchup and shoot it at people in slow motion and it will be a fantastic way to spend a day.

Meet The Mormon Survivalist Preppers Of Pinterest

Pinterest — the mason jar lobby’s most effective propaganda apparatus — is an aggressively wholesome social platform. It’s The Container Store of social networks, but past the relentless arrangements of DIY barn-wedding souvenirs, there’s another Pinterest, one focused on surviving doom.

Make Your Own Fury Road-Style Flamethrower Ukulele

The flamethrower guitar was definitely one of the coolest bits of tech in Mad Max: Fury Road. But why should Doof Warriors on post-apocalyptic car chases have all the fun? With an afternoon to spare and a good life insurance policy, you can be the proud owner of a fire-breathing instrument, too.

An Exhaustive Guide To Building Your Own Rolling Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Robot and prop-builder extraordinaire James Burton from has just posted the final episode of an exhaustive four-part tutorial series detailing how he designed and built his own remote control self-balancing replica of Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB-8 droid.

Ghosts Should Still Fear A Single Pixel Pac-Man

At 35 years old, Pac-Man has managed to remain a popular video game for decades. If only his dated graphics weren’t really showing their age. Instead of giving the yellow hero a facelift, though, Hackaday’s Mike Szczys has instead made the game’s graphics even simpler with his 1-Pixel Pac-Man de-make that you can build yourself.

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