GoPro Captures Reef Diver Fighting Off A Very Angry Shark

File this one under “N” for “nooooooope“: a guy swimming in the Carribean armed with a spear and a GoPro found himself on the wrong end of a reef shark. Cue a traumatic ordeal where the diver attempts to swim away while defending himself from the shark, all captured in glorious 720p.

The Evolution Of The Atmospheric Diving Suit

Last week, we introduced to you the totally awesome Exosuit, a $600,000 atmospheric diving suit, capable of taking a human 300m underwater at surface pressure. This means that the diver doesn’t have to decompress and there is no need for special breathing gas mixtures, so there is no danger of decompression sickness or nitrogen narcosis.

The Ocotomask's Built-In GoPro Mount Allows A Hands-Free Life Aquatic

In the world’s oceans, human divers are as mobile as a fish out of water. So, what, you think you’re going to fend off an inquisitive shark or lascivious dolphin while holding a GoPro? Not likely, but that’s where the Octomask comes in. Now anybody can be a modern Jacques Cousteau and keep their hands free for defending themselves under the sea.

Simple Science Lets This Gorgeous Dive Watch Track Your Depth

Oris’ new Aquis Depth Gauge might not be the first watch to let a diver track the depth of their underwater excursions, but it takes a unique approach to that functionality.

Diving Is Totally Allowed In The World's Deepest Swimming Pool

God help you if you have to get your PADI certification in a public pool — you’re about to spend more than a few hours steeping in all sorts of fun bodily fluids. You’re better off buying a plane ticket to Brussels, home of the deepest — and likely cleanest — indoor pool in the world.

The Only Thing You Need To Dive Is An Oxygen Tank And This iPhone Case

Most iPhone users are afraid to get even a drop of water near their phones, lest they one day be rejected by an Apple Store Genius. But when strapped into the iGills waterproof case, you can safely dive with your phone to a depth of 40 metres, and keep track of when you need to surface.

How To Become An Aquanaut

So, you want to become an aquanaut? Do you have the right stuff? What is the right stuff? Do you even know what an Aquanaut is? According to Saul Rosser, Operations Director at Aquarius undersea research base, An aquanaut is a diver that lives under the water for 24 hours or more using saturation diving techniques and an underwater habitat to sleep, eat and work between dives.

James Cameron's Sub Makes It To The Base Of The Mariana Trench

Is there nowhere that social media can’t reach? Not content with being the first solo human being to explore the very depths of the ocean, James Cameron’s also the first man to tweet from down there.

Building A Watch That Works At The Bottom Of The Ocean

The first time humans descended to the deepest spot on Earth, they were joined by a rare Rolex specially designed to withstand the immense pressures under water. And now that James Cameron plans to go deeper, Rolex wants to tag along again.

The Self-Adjusting Strap On This Dive Watch Tightens As Your Body Compresses

Rolex is known for its industrial-strength Submariner dive watches that can take more of a licking than a Timex. But Tudor, Rolex’s baby brother, might steal its thunder with a watch that tightens around a diver’s wrist the deeper they go.