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This Giant Display Uses Coloured Thread Instead Of Pixels

Tiny glowing dots have been the modus operandi for electronic displays since the TV was first invented. But at a Forever 21 store in New York, you’ll find a giant screen that swaps pixels for spools of coloured thread that quickly align to display low-res images.

Is A Sapphire Glass Apple Watch Even Worth It?

The world’s best — and most expensive — watches all have a sapphire crystal, because sapphire is incredibly hard, making them extremely scratch resistant and almost scratch-proof under normal use. But sapphire is expensive, so most watches instead have a glass crystal, which isn’t as hard or scratch resistant as sapphire, but still holds up.

This Full-Colour Display Is Just Microns Thick And Flexible Like Skin

The prospect of a material that can change colour yet is still flexible enough to wear as clothing is a perennial sci-fi dream — and now amazingly close to reality. This new electronic skin is just a few microns thick and yet manages to change colour, acting as a credible digital display.

Samsung's Mirrored And Clear OLED Screens Are Straight From The Future

Samsung has announced a new series of prototype OLED displays in Hong Kong that, with their mirrored and transparent surfaces, are like something from a sci-fi film.

The World's First 10K TV Is Here. But Why?

See that up there? That’s the world’s first 10K television. You can’t buy it. Chinese display manufacturer BOE made the 82-inch screen just for the bragging rights (first!). That’s OK, though — there’s absolutely no reason to own a 10K TV right now.

This 55-Inch LG Display Peels Off The Wall Like A Poster

LG consistently produces impressive screens, and this one is no exception. The 55-inch OLED panel is just 0.97 millimetres thick, and can be removed from its magnetic wall mounting like a poster.

The Apple Watch Display Is One Of The Best Smartwatch Screens Yet

The display is literally the crown jewel of the smartwatch, and Apple delivers with its OLED, sapphire crystal display on the Apple Watch.

A Clever Flip-Dot Display Uses Lego Brick BitmapsĀ 

Flip-dot displays certainly have an old-school charm about them, and they win extra points for energy efficiency. But I think I like them even better when they’re controlled by Lego bitmaps and built to spell out the word “awesome” like this one is.

New E-Ink Whiteboards Work Like Grown-Up Magna Doodles

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have dusted off some e-ink technology originally developed back in the 1970s to create a new kind of easily erasable whiteboard technology that can be written on using magnetic pens instead of dry-erase markers.

Will The Next Generation Of Displays Be 3D?

In a few short years, touchscreens have revolutionised the way we interact with technology. But to make the best use of our senses, the next generation of displays will not be flat, but have three-dimensional, reconfigurable surfaces.

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