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The Hilariously Bad Disguises Of The German Secret Police

Check out these great cold war-era photos of some totally normal East German citizens, who are definitely not members of the secret police! How innocuous they are, these completely non-suspicious-looking gentlemen, who could not possibly be Stasi officers in disguise, especially not the fellow in sunglasses and the enormous fur coat with the upturned collar. Nope, just some regular guys.

White Guy Becomes Black Robber With Realistic Hollywood Mask

Early last year, a white Polish immigrant robbed several Ohio banks wearing a hyper-realistic Hollywood mask. To security cameras and witnesses, he looked like an undisguised black man. Which is why an innocent black guy was arrested for the crimes.

Old White Airline Passenger Turns Into Young Asian Man Mid-Flight

Yes, both of these pictures are of the same guy. To the right is how he looked when he boarded Air Canada flight AC018 from Hong Kong to Vancouver. The picture on the left is what he turned into.

How To Keep Your Coins Safe During A Mugging

I’ve heard stories of muggers turning their noses up at victims’ original-gen iPhones, but this clamshell (secretly hiding your pocket-money) might just cause the thief to take pity and gift you with one of his stolen goods. [DoniDoni via Unplggd]

First Video of the Japanese Vending Machine Dress Transforming

Here’s a video report from Reuters on the transforming dress that disguises a scared, vulnerable stalking target into a vending machine you’d find in any Tokyo side street. This is the first time I’ve seen this dress on video. And I like how the reporter calls it a modern day Ninja tactic, while other Japanese men in the segment say it’s probably a better idea to run from rapists and muggers than to lift up your dress and try to disguise yourself as a Soda machine. [Reuters, thanks Chad]

Japanese Anti Rape/Mugging Dress Transforms Into Vending Machine Disguise

We were under the impression that Japan was so awesome crime didn’t exist there. Unfortunately, it does. To ward off criminals, fashion designer Aya Tsukioka has conjured up some neat transforming clothes/accessories to deceive potential muggers. Whether there would be time to get your kit out in an attack is probably something we would not want to test out, but the concept makes for one kick-ass gallery; check it out below:

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