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Rates Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Reach 'Unprecedented' Levels In The US 

Image: Wikimedia An alarming report put out by the Centres for Disease Control shows that the total combined cases of several sexually transmitted diseases have reached an “unprecedented” high in the United States.

Measles Has Officially Been Banished From The Americas

Endemic measles has officially been wiped out in the Americas. That means the only outbreaks that happen are those imported from abroad. It’s the first region in the world to achieve this certification, but the battle against measles is far from over. We’re looking at you, anti-vaxxers.

Why Hillary's Pneumonia Is Nothing To Freak Out About

Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, fuelling ongoing concerns about the US Democratic presidential nominee’s health. Here’s what you need to know about this common illness, and why Clinton will quickly bounce back.

Sending Sick Workers Home Makes More Workers Sick

To prevent an illness from spreading around the workplace, some employers will send their sick staff members home and replace them with healthy versions. New research suggests that this practice does the opposite of what’s intended, causing the disease to spread even more rapidly.

Researchers Look At Ancient Poo To Discover The History Of Infectious Diseases

As the TV show Scrubs once said, “everything comes down to poo”. This is true in sitcom land, but also in science.

US Government-Funded Zika Study To Use Olympic Athletes As Guinea Pigs

In an effort to learn more about the dreaded disease, the US National Institutes of Health is funding a study in which a group of US athletes, coaches and staff will be monitored for exposure to the Zika virus while attending the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil.

How A Flu Virus Invades A Cell

Researchers from the University of Washington are the first to visualise the insidious way that the flu virus latches onto a cell and plows its way inside, causing an infection.

Why 'Neglected Diseases' Are Becoming A Global Danger

Though over 1 billion people suffer from them, they’re called “neglected diseases.” That’s because they attract little public attention and research money. But these diseases are about to explode across the globe, which is why many doctors say the neglect needs to stop now.

African Monkeys Caught Eating Bats For The First Time

Researchers working in Africa are the first to observe monkeys preying on bats. The unusual behaviour, which may have something to do with loss of habitat, could explain how dangerous diseases such as Ebola spread among species — and eventually to humans.

New Research Suggests Zika Can Cross The Placental Barrier

Researchers in Brazil have detected traces of the Zika virus in the amniotic fluid of two fetuses with microcephaly, further bolstering the connection between the two. However, questions still remain.

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