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Lunchtime Deal: Huge Audio Sale At JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi has between 30%-40% off high-end audio gear from now until next Sunday in what it’s calling its “Audio Avalanche” sale. Brands like Yamaha and Pioneer are 30% off, as are microsystems from Panasonic and iPod docks from Logitech. You’ll nab 40% off PURE digital radios and JBL iPod docks, as well. [JB Hi-Fi]

Pure's New Digital Radio Goes Portable

The digital radio audience is slowly expanding, even if the footprint of digital radio coverage isn’t exactly blossoming outwards from metropolitan centres. Pure’s latest radio takes on that portability challenge, although it’s not unique — we’ve seen portable DAB+ units before.

You Will Soon Be Able To Buy Songs From Your Digital Radio

Now this is the kind of feature that can sell digital radios! Pure has announced that from next month, users will be able to purchase MP3 versions of songs they hear on the radio with the press of a button. Win!

Pure Combines SAD Light With A Digital Radio For 'Twilight' Lamp

As the winter months pull the northern hemisphere in, it’s that time of the year again when people ponder purchasing a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) lamp. I sprung for a Philips one a few years ago and never looked back.

The $79 Pure Siesta Mi Is An Affordable Bedside Digital Radio

Despite my constant suggestions to upgrade, there’s still one piece of technology in our house that’s old enough to be considered an antique – my wife’s bedside clock radio. She’s owned that thing for at least 20 years, and although it still works, it reeks of 80s gadget ugliness. I’m seriously considering the Siesta Mi from Pure as a replacement.

Digital Radio Going Pure Marshall - All The Way To 11

Pure has announced that they’re bringing the Marshall amp DAB+ radio to Australia. Let’s turn it up to 11.

Lightning Review: Kogan Internet DAB+ Radio

There aren’t too many people out there who’d want a dedicated DAB+ radio that did nothing other than receive digital radio broadcasts. But a combo device like Kogan’s that supports Internet and FM radio, plus has an iPod dock built in and streams your music collection over Wi-Fi? That’s a product people might want to buy…

Pure's Oasis Flow Is A DAB+ Radio You Can Leave In The Rain

The digital radios are coming thick and fast at the moment. The latest release from Pure is the Oasis Flow, a weatherproof DAB+ and Internet radio combo with an integrated iPod dock.

Geneva Sound System Model S Adds DAB+

Off the back of the cheap Pure DAB+ radio this morning is the Geneva Sound System Model S DAB+, an upgraded version of the Model S the US guys got their hands on at CES this year. The included upgrade? Digital radio. Bet you didn’t guess that…

Pure's Got A Digital Radio For Cheap People Too

If you’re looking for a cheap way to get into digital radio, Pure has announced the $79 Pure Mi to hit shelves next month.

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