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Australian Music On iTunes Is Still Lacking

It’s Australia Day. There’s a good chance many of you are sitting back, beer in hand listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100. Others may be listening to Whispering Jack on repeat (It’s okay, we’ve all been there). The point is that music on Australia day is as Australian as Anzac biscuits. Which makes Lifehacker’s monstrous study of Australian music availability on iTunes so much more pertinent.

Why I Ditched ITunes For Amazon MP3s

Confession: I still buy my music online instead of torrenting it. And after years of enduring an unfulfilling relationship with iTunes, last month I finally broke things off. I headed over to Amazon. I haven’t looked back yet.

Blu-Ray Vs Digital Downloads In Australia

When HD DVD gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, many pundits claimed that it was merely a battle won for Blu-ray, and that they’d need to man up to face the war with digital downloads. Now in 2010, it’s time to take a look at just how well that war is going, and who exactly is winning it here in Australia.

Amazon Charges 50% More For Downloadable Album Than CD

This seems… backwards. If you want to buy OAR’s new album on Amazon, you’re going to end up paying 50 per cent more for a digital download than you would for a physical disc.

Studios Begin To Push TV Episodes' Digital Release Before DVD

Showtime has begun selling episodes of Weeds online before the show’s full-season DVD release, a first for the series. And Weeds isn’t nearly the only one – is Hollywood finally embracing digital downloads as the successor to DVD?

My $US62.47 Royalty Statement: How Major Labels Cook The Books With Digital Downloads

Tim Quirk was the singer of punk-pop outfit Too Much Joy, signed by Warner Bros. in 1990. Now he’s an executive at an online music service, giving him insight on digital sales data and just how labels fudge their numbers.

Mos Def Selling New Album Through T-Shirts

These days it takes a little more effort to push an entire album of music. For some, it’s free digital downloads, for Mos Def, it’s t-shirts.

Dell Download Store Selling Microsoft Apps- But Not Cheap

Didn’t hear? Dell launched a download store in January. Today they became the only third-party retailer to sell Microsoft downloads. Problem is, they sell Office Home and Student for $US130, where Amazon sells it, in the box, for $US95. [Dell]

Panasonic's Viera Cast Isn't As Awesome As It Can Be... Yet

Along with its new range of Blu-ray recorders and players, Panasonic were also showing off their new Viera Cast IP technology, which is built into pretty much everything in the new range. It’s an IP entertainment solution, and while it’s no Netflix or TiVo yet, it has the potential for greatness, if only they can get the right partners on board.

I Love Downloadable Media, But It Makes For a Crappy Gift

iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and even PSN are all pretty good at distributing downloadable movies and music. But all of these data files, as easy as they are to buy, make for a crappy gift.

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