Bees Can't Find Flowers Thanks To Diesel Exhaust

Diesel exhaust is pretty nasty stuff. Pass an overloaded 18-wheeler clouding up the highway, and that acrid plume of hydrocarbons will overpower even your best little tree air freshener. As new research lays out, that exhaust doesn’t just smell bad, it messes with the scent of flowers. And that’s big trouble for our already struggling bee friends.

You Don't Have A Good Reason To Wear This Submariner Watch

There’s no shying away from the fact you’re wearing a watch with Diesel’s new SBA Black Out model, and possibly some sort of submarine captain, too. While it’s only water-resistant to 50m depths, the style is spot-on for $US250. [Diesel via GeekAlerts via Geeky Gadgets]

The World’s Most Gargantuan Diesel Engine

It may shock you that a lot of the stuff we buy is made in China. In order to keep up with the mammoth demand for Snuggies, Shake Weights and other trappings of modern society, the Emma Mærsk makes the trip in four fewer days than the average container ship on a China-to-California run.

$60 Knockoff Watch Spies In The Dark At 1080p

The fact that this looks like a Diesel is only a red herring. In truth, it’s a submersible, Infrared spy watch from your Ethan Hunt fantasies.

New Tech Captures Drinkable Water From Diesel Exhaust

We’ve seen plenty of concepts designed to lessen the physical burden of being a member of the military-Marines using portable renewable power stations, clothing that charges radios and GPS devices. But there’s not much being done to address drinking water, one of the heaviest yet most critical battlefield necessities. Now the Oak Ridge National Laboratory might have a solution that can help lessen the weight of water.

Diesel's Gunmetal Compass Watch Makes Me Wish I Could Be Male

If only I had testosterone floating through my body instead of oestrogen, I’d be wearing this watch. Available on pre-order now for $US250. [Watchismo via BoingBoing]

Fit For Jeff Bridges: BMW's Vision Efficient Dynamics Hybrid Concept

Jalopnik is right. This see-through concept out of the BMW R&D wing would be best served with a side of Tron and a couple of light cycles.

Diesel Spawns a Two-Faced Freak of Nature Watch

Apparently, half a watch plus half a watch equals one ugly watch.

Diesel DZ9044 Watch Doesn't Need a Face To Tell The Time

First there was too many faces, and now diesel has done a 180 with a watch with no faces at all. What’s next? Putting the clock on the back of the watch?

X-Ray Coffee Table Reveals a Hidden Life That's Cooler than Your Real Life

According to Diesel, your coffee table is obscuring a series of turntables used for your closet DJing habit. In reality, that fossilized trilobite-esque table up top may be more your speed. [Diesel via MoCo Loco]