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The 'Internet Room' In North Korea's New Airport Doesn't Have Any Internet

North Korea has recently made an effort to boost tourism in the authoritarian country. One tactic is the opening of a shiny new airport, complete with modern amenities like an “internet room.” The only problem? The internet room doesn’t seem to have any internet.

Which Dictator Killed The Most People?

I like this visualisation, perhaps because its crude, almost childish look contrasts with the horror it depicts in such a simple way: worldwide dictators ordered by the number of killings, one drop, on million dead.

Potato Head Dictators Are Probably Smarter Than The Real Thing

While I doubt anybody ever called Kim Jong-Il a potato head to his face, I’m sure an awful lot of people thought it. Including artist Stephen Ives, who’s created these dictatorial toys.

Kim Jong-il Was Schizoid; Is His Son Too?

Kim Jong-il, the former supreme leader of North Korea who died on Saturday of cardiac arrest at 69, was known for his quirks, including an obsession with Elizabeth Taylor. But scientists say his idiosyncrasies added up to some serious diagnoses.

Smartphone Fever Hits North Korea; Kim Looks For Cure

North Korea, one of the world’s poorest and most isolated countries, is rapidly adding users to its mobile phone network. But don’t expect that to increase the information flow to dissidents. The proliferation of gadgets is making North Korea’s security services increasingly nervous – and the best dissent technologies are still illegal and risky.

Perhaps African Leaders Should Avoid Facebook

A new statistical analysis indicates that the more Facebook fans an African politician has, the more likely they are to be forced from power.

This Is What Dictators Are Really Scared About

Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi, Chaves, Mugabe and Kim Jong-Il. All the same dogs with different collar, scared about the same thing.

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