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Gigantic Wooden Dice Fill Your Yard With Yahtzee

Like giant Koi in a pond who’ve grown larger than their goldfish siblings trapped in a bowl, this set of six over-sized wooden dice is designed to be tossed around in your spacious backyard. They say everything is better when it’s super-sized, right? So playing with Yahtzee with five of these dice might actually come close to being actually fun.

Dice Furniture Changes Form And Function When You Roll It

You can actually change how any piece of furniture looks just by flipping it over or tossing it onto its side. But the Dice, created by the talented designers at Torafu Architects, also changes functionality depending on how you orient it.

This Image Of A Dice Rolling In Space Over The Earth Is Not A Photoshop

There’s a new American astronaut in space. His name is Reid Wiseman — a guy who was a naval aviator and a test pilot before joining NASA as an astronaut in 2011. He seems like a pretty cool guy too. He just arrived to the International Space Station and he’s already taking some pretty neat photos, like the dice above.

Someone Has Been Attacking The Battlefield 4 Servers

Having trouble joining the fight in Battlefield 4 over the weekend? Might be because DICE’s servers are a virtual battlefield of their own right now.

Wireless Dice Guarantee Tablets Are The Board Games Of Tomorrow

You can already get beloved board games like Monopoly on your tablet that provide a somewhat similar experience to the original cardboard sets. But they’ll never fully replace those old versions, because they lack the tangible satisfaction of grabbing a pair of dice, going through your shaking ritual and tossing them across the table — oh wait, what’s that? Scosche just released a set of wireless dice that work with tablets and smartphones? (Throws Monopoly in the garbage.)

Dungeon Dice Let You Roll An Imaginary Adventure

Role-playing board games like Dungeons & Dragons are known for their overly complicated multi-sided die. But this particular set turns the dice into the actual dungeon, letting players discover a new random challenge every time they roll.

Electronic Dice Gauntlet Takes You Into Dangerous Uber-Nerd Territory

What’s most surprising about this incredibly nerdy fur-covered electronic dice gauntlet that ThinkGeek is now selling is that it’s not the first of its kind. Back in February of last year we brought you a similar creation, although that version was strictly DIY.

Hustle In Style With Dice Carved From Buffalo Bone

While there’s no way these would fly by Vegas standards, this set of antique, buffalo bone dice would be an incredibly cool — if not mildly creepy — way to add some character to any newfound gambling connoisseur’s bag of tricks.

Digital Dice Will Keep You From Cheating On Your Virtual Board Games

Board games will eventually all be played on tablets. Say goodbye to the thrill of rolling dice, say hello to a random number generator. Developed by GIC, DICE+ are Bluetooth cubes that bring the tactile joy back to tablet board games.

No Mortal Will Ever Cram More Nerdiness Into A Single DIY Project

Try as they might, no human born of mortal parents will ever create a DIY project that’s more nerdy than this epic leather fur-lined gauntlet that includes a built-in digital Dungeons & Dragons dice roller.

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