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The Frosting On This Dessert Is Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

Video: The decoration on these desserts are so perfect that it almost, almost makes you not want to eat them. But then you realise that the art is just delicious frosting and that both will eventually be destroyed so you make a sacrifice and begin to stuff your mouth with as many intricately designed pieces as possible.

This Delicious Chocolate Sphere Melts Away To Reveal Ice Cream Inside

Video: Desserts don’t need to be particularly fancy because even the simplest ones are delicious. But I do love it when desserts play some sort of trick or hide something from plain sight. Take this chocolate ball by Byron Talbott. When you pour warm caramel over the ball, the chocolate melts away and reveals that there’s ice cream hidden inside. What a treat.

The Brown Sludge That Is Mass Producing Brownies

Video: Brownies are absolutely delicious and probably one of my favourite things in the whole world. It’s a wonderful little treat. What’s not wonderful? When you mass produce them and have to pour buckets of ingredients to mix them up to create a oozy brown sludge that can be baked. Oh well, at least they will still be delicious when they’re done.

Ben And Jerry's New Ice Cream Burrito Is Happiness In A Waffle Wrap

I’d actually consider Ben And Jerry’s BRRR-ito more of a wrap but what’s truly important is that this cross between an ice cream sandwich and your normal waffle coned ice cream exists in the first place. Think of it like a giant cannoli with ice cream. Or a Choco Taco in burrito form. And then it will maybe make sense.

Watching This Video Of A Chef Cooking Massaged My Senses With Pleasure

Here’s an entire series of ASMR videos featuring baking and cooking and prepping and opening packages and so forth. The chef makes vegan goods, which depending on your world view may shade what you think of the cooking, but there is no doubt: it is so very pleasurable to watch the food get made. It’s like a soothing massage that tingles your ears all the way down to your spine.

How Ridiculously Giant Chocolate Easter Eggs Are Made

I don’t see anything excessive about this at all. Instead, I see a chocolate fountain I’d like to install at my house. I now crave a giant chocolate Easter egg I could spend 40 days and 40 nights eating. And I want every meal I eat to be put together by these joy givers who artfully assemble this humungous giant-sized snack.

My Taste Buds Melted After Watching This Dessert Get Made

Video: I don’t especially love pistachio. I don’t go crazy over tiramisu. Heck, I don’t always have the sweet tooth hankering normal humans have for dessert and yet after watching this pistachio tiramisu get made, I can’t help but feel as if my taste buds have all banded together demanding that I eat this right now. It looks so good.

Watching Dessert Get Made Is Totally Pornographic

I don’t know if I’m hungry or turned on right now and it’s such a weird mix of feelings to experience at the same time. The close up shots of this Chocolate Framboise Mille-Feuille is borderline explicit and yet it’s just food being whisked and dolloped, whipped and dripped around. It’s artful pornography you can eat.

Kickball Ice Cream Maker Ensures You Earned That Tasty Dessert

Making ice cream is pretty easy: Basically, all you do is churn some milk and sugar in an ice-cold container. Usually, that container is a tub-shaped thing with a crank, but it could take any shape. Even, say, a ball you kick around. Now you’ll really make sure the kids got enough exercise before dessert.

Here's How To Cut A Cake Perfectly, According To Science

The way we cut cakes is wrong. That old traditional style of slicing a wedge and leaving the rest? It ruins the cake and creates imperfect slices. How can we cut it better? How can we eat more delicious cake? Numberphile says the most scientific way to cut a cake is to slice an entire strip from the middle of the cake. That way it keeps the cake perfectly moist and delicious.

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