This McDonald's Burger And Fries Combo Is Actually Made From Cookies

Few things are better than eating a burger and fries, even if it comes from McDonald’s. This might qualify though: a full McDonald’s meal — burger, fries, coke — made completely out of cookies. Everything is somehow a cookie!

Fitmodo: I Did The World's First Ice Cream Cleanse

Back during the no-carb diet craze of the early 2000s, I joked that I wanted to try a diet consisting of nothing but carbs and lipids. I would call it the Fatkins Diet. Guess what? I just did exactly that. I ate ice cream, and only ice cream, for four days straight. Yes, it’s the world’s first Ice Cream Cleanse, and no, I didn’t just make it up.

This Pretty Box Of Paints Is Actually Filled With Delicious Chocolates

Looking for the perfect gift for the artist in your family? Look no further than this new paint kit designed by the Japanese product and furniture studio Nendo. Except it’s not really a paint kit. Instead of foil, the tubes are made chocolate, and instead of being filled with paint, they’re filled with yummy syrups.

Holy Crap It's Edible Instagram For Chocolate

There are certain things we like at Gizmodo HQ. Instagram is one. Chocolate is another. Oh, if only they could somehow be combined without getting goo in your phone. Oh, wait, they can! Meet Cocoagraph. Vintage-style photos, printed on delicious chocolate squares. Yes, please?

Apparently, Eating Dessert For Breakfast Can Make You Skinny

Your mother, doctors and life lied to you. According to scientists (science, people!), combining a low-calorie diet that includes dessert for breakfast will help you lose weight. Sweets, cookies, creme brulee, cake. ALL OF IT will help you lose weight if you start your day off like that. I love breakfast now.

Triple Decker Oreo: Man's Progress Toward Superhuman Destiny

What would it take to make the Oreo – perhaps the most architecturally perfect dessert, ever – look like garbage? Another layer of cookie. The Triple Double Oreo, out this (northern) summer, is the cookie version of the 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith.

Terminator 2 Cake Is Perfect For Almost No Occasions

When you first e-spy the amazingly molten Terminator 2 cake, you’re amazed at the fine balance of technical prowess and artistry that went into its creation. And then you start to think: what exactly would a cake like this commemorate? Birthday, wedding, bat mitzvah – doesn’t seem quite right.

The Cutting Edge Of Dessert: How It's Made At A Four-Star Restaurant

The Mast Brothers channel old-school artisanal techniques in their chocolate. Now, with our friends at Eater, we’d like to show you the other extreme: How Le Bernardin executive pastry chef Michael Laiskonis crafts one of his signature mind-bending desserts, Egg.

Darth Vader Cake Has Dark Side Frosting, Banana Creme Filling

This Vader cake, made by the House of Cakes in Dubai, looks amazing. But the fact that it has a banana creme filling? Next level. [Great White Snark via Technabob]

Flower Pot Ice Cream Is My Personal Worm-Filled Fantasy

Look, I may have eaten a whole chocolate Apple tablet, but I think I could still handle devouring one of these flower pot ice creams (by “devouring” I, of course, mean “daintily eating in the most lady-like manner possible”).