A Beer Lollipop Is The Epitome Of Human Innovation

Candy company Lollyphile has given us quite a few less-than-appetising suckables in the past (blue cheese or breast milk lollipop, anyone?), but their newest creation comes at the request of the masses. Your beer-flavoured lollipop has arrived.

There's No Crust Too Thick For A Pizza Ax

Thin crusts pizzas are all the rage now, both for health reasons and probably because they’re a lot easier to slice. But if you prefer a more traditional crust, one that requires some real elbow grease to hack through, you’ll be happy to have this ax-shaped pizza cutter in your kitchen.

How Much Longer Do I Have To Wait For My Wonderful Self-Winding Swatch?

It has been nearly a year since Swatch announced it’s remarkably innovative Sistem51 watch . It’s a self-winding timepiece that has only has 51 parts. Forget smartwatches, get this simple dumbness on my wrist right now.

Silently Celebrate Typewriters With This Illustrated Army Of Classics

There’s no denying that typerwriters were (and are!) fantastically complex and beautiful pieces of machinery. They’re also noisy, expensive and a pain to use. With Pop Chart’s Visual Compendium of Typewriters though, you can have the best of both worlds: antique art and a backspace key.

Awesome Decals Turn Your Toilet Bowl Into A Deadly Sarlacc Pit

Let’s face it: After earning you lavish praise at age two, successfully making a bowel movement in the toilet has probably started to lose some of its appeal. Fortunately for you, the Sarlacc Toilet is here to put the excitement back into your (semi-)daily act of defecation.

You Can Now Buy The Official Pillow-Fighting Pillow Of Japan

Are you one of the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association’s rapt and loyal followers? Are you tired of the more conventional sports fans sauntering around in their jerseys while you walk around swag-less? Looks like your day has finally come. As of yesterday, you can finally buy an Officially Recognised by the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association Pillow of your very own.

Pop-Up Stereo Mics On Zoom's Q4 Help Ensure Your Videos Sound Good Too

If there’s one telltale sign that a video wasn’t produced by a professional, it’s usually the crappy sound accompanying the footage. The microphones on a smartphone or a cheap camcorder are awful at best, which is why companies like Sony and Zoom are finally releasing models with stereo mics that will help your amateur productions sound a lot less amateur.

This Entire Awesome Star Wars Poster Was Illustrated From Memory

Let’s do a little experiment. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and, without doing an internet search, draw C-3PO and R2-D2. We all know what those droids look like, but how close can you get without peeking at a pic?

Nike Fridge Magnets Let You Design The Perfect Sneaker

Nike doesn’t realise it yet, but it could single-handedly make your fridge the most entertaining spot in your home — at least if you’re a sneaker freak. Because instead of poetry or Scrabble, the shoe maker has created a wonderful set of magnets that lets anyone be a sneaker designer, as long as you’re OK with never being able to wear your creation.

A Better, Staggered Muffin Pan That Packs In More Baked Goodness

The creators of the revolutionary all-edges brownie pan have returned with another innovation for the world of baked goods. This time they want to improve how we make muffins with their Better Muffin Pan which features a staggered design — among other improvements — that maximises the amount of baked treats you can squeeze in your oven, and minimises the areas where you can spill batter.