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Can't decide what colour Lexus to get? With the company's one-of-a-kind LIT IS sedan, you can choose a different colour, design and even animation every morning as you head off to work. Instead of paint, the vehicle is covered in 41,999 programmable LEDs, turning it into a giant, rolling display.


Counterfeiting coins doesn't sound as exciting as pumping out ersatz $100 notes, but it is definitely a thing, especially in the UK where one in every 30 pound coins isn't the real McCoy. To battle this, over the next year the government will phase out the old coin for a shiny new one that incorporates "a high security feature ... to protect it from counterfeiting in the future".


Our perpetually-dropped smartphones have pushed glass manufacturers to create stronger and more durable materials to survive our clumsiness. But if you're curious just how advanced glass making techniques have gotten, someone has made a 9m working glass slide that's completely transparent.


And why not? Doctors are, after all, on the front lines of a pitched battle against an invisible enemy most of us are powerless to stop. Without them, our teeth would be falling out and we'd be losing limbs over minor scrapes. We're so accustomed to the wonders of modern medicine we take for granted how wondrous it really is.