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Designers Will Knit A Neon Rope Canopy Over MoMA's Concrete Courtyard This Summer

Each winter the Museum of Modern Art’s Queens outpost, PS1, chooses an up-and-coming designer to create a temporary installation in its courtyard. These have ranged from a fortress of used skateboards to towers of bricks grown from fungus. This year, it’s a colourful crocheted net.

You'll Have To Burn This Piggy Bank Candle To Access Your Savings

There’s a lot of good reasons to distrust banks these days, which means it’s boon time for companies who make piggy banks. But instead of smashing this bank on the floor when you want to make a withdrawal, you light its tail and watch it melt away — because it’s actually a wax candle.

Secret Trick Turns Your Facebook Photos Into Awesome Text Art

We’re not exactly sure why they’re doing it yet, but a self-described ‘Web standards fanatic’ named Mathias Bynens has discovered that Facebook and Instagram are automatically making ASCII art versions of every photo you upload. And accessing the lo-fi versions of your images is super easy.

Portable Bathtub Packs Flatter Than A Stolen Hotel Dressing Gown

You can read every last online review, but you really have no idea what a hotel room is going to be like until you arrive. And if you’re the type who likes to travel with their own sheets and towels, you’re probably also the type who would be interested in a portable pack-flat bath tub too.

How Supermarkets Are Cleverly Designed To Make You Spend More Money

Video: We’re all fools who get easily convinced by marketing and store design tricks because we can’t save ourselves from ourselves. Here is a short video from Wendover Productions detailing some clever layout design tricks that supermarkets use to get us to spend more money. They include putting the entrance to the right because we like to shop counter clockwise, having items we need spread all across the perimeter of the store to make us walk more, putting cheap items at the end of every aisle and making sure profitable products are at eye level.

According To IKEA, We've Hit 'Peak Home Furnishings'

IKEA’s head of sustainability reckons that Western consumers are at the limit in terms of stuff they can actually buy, a situation he’s referred to as “peak home furnishings”.

Here's Your Best Look At The World's Largest Dinosaur Skeleton

Video: Meet the titanosaur. It’s the newest exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, and it’s a dinosaur cast so large it doesn’t even fit into a single room.

The World Metro Map Combines 214 Subway Systems Into One Glorious Mess

What happens if you try to combine 214 different subway networks — including 791 routes and 11,924 stations — into a single map? This beautiful tangle of colour and lines is what.

Architecture's Top Prize Went To An Incredible Chilean Architect You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The Pritzker Prize was announced this morning, an award which many consider to be the highest honour for design. This year’s prize went to Alejandro Aravena, a Chilean architect who you may not know — but you definitely should get to know his work.

Watch: An Australian Company's Revolutionary Motorbike Helmet Design

The idea is a full face helmet that doesn’t come off under impact, yet is easy to remove after impact. The end result is strapless — whilst still fitting better than traditional helmets.

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