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Buckminster Fuller's Biosphere Dome Might Get A Twin Made Of Plants

Montreal’s Expo 67 was the most successful World’s Fair in history, a vision of the future laced with monorails and space-age architecture. Its stunning centrepiece was the Biosphere, a 76m tall geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller, which remained on the site after the fair left town. For the 50th anniversary of the Expo, one designer wants a vegetated version of the dome to rise next to the original.

It's About Time Someone Redesigned Crutches To Be Comfortable

Using a set of crutches while recovering from an injury is a minor inconvenience. But for anyone with physical challenges that require longterm crutch use, the devices can be a major barrier. This well-done redesign finally makes crutches more comfortable to use, and gives the user more freedom of movement.

Sitting In A 737 Jet Engine Chair Turns Anyone Into A Supervillain

Mother Teresa? Gandhi? It doesn’t matter how nice or upstanding a human being you might be, the second you plunk yourself down in a chair made from the remains of a Boeing 737’s massive jet engine, you’ll immediately be mistaken for a comic book-calibre supervillain. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is up to you.

Adidas' Low-Profile Vest Backpack Is Better Than Batman's Utility Belt

When you’re out exploring the city you need something to carry all your stuff, but a heavy backpack hanging off your shoulders isn’t ideal. Adidas’ Yohji Yamamoto-designed Y-3 Sport Backpack wants to fix that by securely wrapping around you like a vest so it feels almost weightless. Fair warning — you’ll have to cough up $US410 ($525) for the pleasure.

These Star Wars Light Fixtures Would Look Perfect Inside Your Star Destroyer

Lights are often purely functional, but even the word “functional” has “fun” in it. And “onal”, but that’s not a word. “Star” and “Wars” both are however and when you combine the fictional sci-fi universe with the humble art of illumination, you get these magnificent pieces.

This Museum Houses Some Of The Rarest Colours In Existence

Colour is something we take for granted. Pencils, paint, printers — you name it, we have a way of producing any shade or hue we want (even the evil magenta). Hundreds of years ago, such conveniences either didn’t exist or weren’t easy to come by and so, we had to get creative.

Experience Sunrise On The Dark Side Of The Moon With This Detailed Lunar Globe

The team behind a new Kickstarter campaign isn’t the first bunch astronomy enthusiasts to create a detailed globe based on our nearest lunar neighbour. But using topographical data gathered by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, this Moon globe is the first to accurately recreate all of its craters, mountains and valleys in 3D.

Supermaterial Made From Seaweed Could Replace Bubble Wrap

As a civilisation we are blanketing our planet with plastic. One of the most frightening illustrations of this fact is a prediction that by 2050, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish. Amazingly, a smart solution for reducing our reliance on plastic, and protecting marine life, could come from those very oceans as well.

That Emoji Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

By now you probably know that the emoji you send on an iPhone might not be the emoji that is received on a Nexus. Since emoji are designed differently across platforms, sometimes your text messages might get lost in translation. But how differently might your well-intentioned emoji be displayed?

Your Kid Will Not Appreciate This Stylish Designer Rocking Horse

Inspired by the strong steel I-beams used in the construction of towering skyscrapers, Japanese design studio Nendo started with that simple design, but then warped it into one of the most beautiful looking rocking horses you’ve ever seen.

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