Here's Facebook's Little Red Book: A Guide To Zuckerbergian Truth

Facebook, like many Silicon Valley giants, has a mythology that’s used to indoctrinate workers. To help spread this ancestral origin story, Facebook enlisted its in-house print shop to publish a book of cultish aphorisms to guide inductees towards the light.

Two Million Internet Users Designed This House... And It's Not Bad

Design by committee is usually a recipe for a hot pile of garbage. Design by a committee of two million? It’s not as bad as you’d think.

This 'Kettle' Rod Is A Brilliant Energy-Saving Way To Make Tea

Do you use an electric kettle to make tea? Then you’re using way too much water and too much power heating an overfilled vessel. But! We found this cool new Kickstarter project that saves energy and looks sleek in a kitchen.

You Might Not Even Notice This Wallpaper Is Made From Images Of Space

One of the wonderful things about our nation’s Copyright Act is found under Section 105, which stipulates that the stuff government agencies — like NASA — create is free for anyone to use. Which makes projects like this space-plastered wallpaper possible.

4 Typefaces That Let You Write Like Einstein And Other Famous Thinkers

The art of handwritten script is lost on most of us keyboard-attached slobs. But over the past few years, a small group of designers have dug into the archives of famous thinkers and artists to bring their script into the digital world — meaning that you, too, can write like Einstein, even if you can’t think like him.

A Close Look At The Crazy Interfaces From The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

One of my favourite things about watching movies is seeing the film’s vision of the user interfaces on screens and computers. They’re almost always over the top (like they were in the first Avengers) but I love to imagine that we’ll see all those exploded graphics in our future and pretend that all that information would be intelligible.

NASA Wants Your Help Figuring Out How To Build Space Habitats

If and when we send colonists to Mars and beyond, we’re going to need habitats unlike any we’ve built before. To encourage out-of-the box thinking, NASA and America Makes are kicking off a $US2.25 million dollar competition to design and build 3D printed space habitats.

Architects Design Wooden Bicycle Frame To Explore Structural Engineering

Wooden bikes may be beautiful, but they’re also a tad impractical. Nevertheless, there may be unexpected value in wooden bike frames, which architects can use to understand important structural challenges and prototype new designs.

The Techno-Islands That May Replace The Maldives

If the 350 thousand-odd Maldivians want to stay put, they may have to rebuild everything, starting with the ground they walk on. Located roughly 600km off the southwest tip of India, the island nation of Maldives sounds like paradise — over a thousand tiny oases of white sand beach, lush tropical vegetation, and warm, aquamarine water. But as the lowest country in the world, the Republic of Maldives is also being swallowed by the ocean.

How Technology Can Help Cities Make Better Use Of Storm Water

More than half the world’s population lives in metropolitan centres. The built environment of a city is very different from that of rural and natural areas. When it rains over a rural landscape, much of the rainwater sinks into the ground or is evaporated or transpirated by trees, crops and other plants.