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Furniture That Flattens Into Wall Art Is Perfect For Cramped Apartments

Just because you live in a cramped downtown apartment doesn’t mean you don’t want to entertain. So here’s a brilliant way to keep some extra seating around, without wasting precious floor space once all your guests have left.

How NYC's Super Skinny Skyscrapers Stack Up Next To The World's Tallest BuildingsĀ 

Over the last two decades, a new type of building has invaded New York City: The super skinny supertall known as a “super-slender.” This new generation of skyscrapers range from 50 to 100 stories, are almost uniformly filled with luxury housing — and some are wedged into the city with astoundingly tiny 13.72m-wide footprints.

The Difference Between RGB And CMYK, Explained

Anyone who has ever opened Photoshop has been met with the question of using RBG or CMYK at some point. These might seem like arbitrary options at first, but each represents a different approach to creating — and displaying — colour. The distinction is explained in a new video from Express Cards

This Amazing Carbon Fibre Pavillion Was Woven By A Robot

London’s Victoria & Albert Museum has unveiled an incredibly intricate robotically woven and biologically inspired carbon-fibre pavilion in its courtyard.

Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth Speaker: The Gizmodo Review

In a world that cherishes gadgets that keep getting smaller and lighter, the Fluance Fi70 is a big hulking WTF. The $US500 ($679) Bluetooth speaker is as big as your parent’s oldest television set and weighs in at a hulking 37kg. It’s so ridiculous, so surprisingly handsome, and so cheap that I almost want to buy it. Almost.

A 3D Scan Of A Famous Graphic Designer's Arse Could Win The World's Most Famous Art Prize

Yes, you are looking at an 5.49m sculpture of a man’s arse. In fact, the artwork is one of the finalists of this year’s Turner Prize — though the owner of the depicted arse is a mystery, with the artist admitting only that it’s from a 3D scan of a well-known graphic designer’s posterior.

The Movpak Is Like Having A Very Convenient Car On Your Back

We wrote about the Movpak back in May 2014 when the backpack/electric skateboard first launched as a Kickstarter project, sadly the project didn’t quite make enough to be funded. Now the company has added even more features ahead of a second attempt at funding via Indiegogo. The new design is sort of like having a car you wear on your back…that also requires some fantastic balance.

Why Your Favourite Apps Could Soon Be Black And White

Last week Instagram began testing a new monochromatic design, and yesterday Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac reported that one of the major changes coming to Apple Music in June will be a black-and-white makeover. It’s like the evolution of television in reverse. We’ve never had more beautiful smartphone displays, why would we dumb down the designs of our staple apps? It turns out that stripping colourful hues out of an app actually makes a ton of sense.

This House Is Made From Cardboard

Welcome to the Wikkelhouse, a building that’s made not from concrete, brick or wood — but cardboard.

Famous New York Buildings Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere Somehow Make More Sense

Sometime in the near future, eleven of New York City’s most famous landmarks have gone missing. Soon, they start to turn up in the some of the most desolate locations on the planet — perched high in a red rock mountain range, buried in a white sand desert — but no one knows why.

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