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What's Inside A Cheap Vibrator? We Took This One Apart To Find Out [NSFW]

Electromechanical vibrators actually have a long history — consumer versions have been around for more than 100 years. But how do they actually work? To find out, we did a teardown on a nice cheap vibe: the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss from California Exotics Novelties, pictured here in all its garish pink glory.

Learn About Coding With These Ultra Nerdy Playing Cards

Everybody loves playing cards because they’re fun. But as the geeky designers behind code:deck, playing cards can be educational, too!

9 Gorgeous Pieces Of Hand-Lettered Art

Lately there’s an onslaught of locally sourced, small-batch, artisanal goods. The packaging of those products is seeing its own old-time resurgence, with carefully-considered branding that includes a revival of hand-lettered graphics.

Every Grown-Up Child Needs These Disney Vans

Vans are definitely not the footwear of choice for people seeking a sophisticated, well-heeled look. If you wear Disney-themed Converse, that’s particularly true — but that still won’t stop me buying up every pair of these Disney Vans I can lay my childlike hands on.

This Is How Foster And Partners Wants To 3D-Print A Martian Settlement

The acclaimed architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled a series of images that depict plans for a 3D-printed settlement that could be built on Mars.

Take A Look Inside Samsung's New U.S. R&D HQ

Yesterday, Samsung opened a brand-new 102,193m² building in San Jose. Home to its American R&D teams, it will house 2000 employees. Why not take a look around?

China's New Vertigo-Inducing Glass Bridge Is Both Great And Impractical

If you’re looking for something to do in China, you should definitely check out the pyramids at Xian. However, if you decide to do two things (or more), the newly constructed glass bridge in Hunan is worth a look… and a walk.

Examining The Typographic History Of Eye Charts

My graphic design students love to design posters using the classic eye chart composition, and they frequently ask “What typeface should I use for this?” Not having a definitive answer has always been frustrating, so I decided to investigate to find out what typeface is used on eye charts.

Pebble Time Round Hands On: A Smartwatch For People Who Don't Like Smartwatches

“It looks like a watch!” my wife proclaimed, when I showed her the Pebble Time Round. She wasn’t stating the obvious. She meant that out of all the smartwatches she’d ever seen, it’s the first one that looks like something she would wear.

New York Should Be Ashamed Of The Heinous Chair It Built For The Pope

Pope Francis is hip to social media and cares about the environment. His new cool Popemobile is a convertible Hyundai. But the throne that the poor pope has to sit in while he’s in Manhattan is freaking design blasphemy. It’s so ugly, it’s ungodly. How in heaven’s name did we get into this mess?

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