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Syria Is Becoming A Test Bed For High-Tech Weapons Of Electronic Warfare

The relationship between Russia and the West is becoming increasingly dangerous with potential flashpoints developing in both eastern Europe and Syria. After repeated incursions into Turkish airspace by Russian warplanes on bombing raids over Syria, NATO’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg warned Moscow that it stands ready to “defend all allies”. Meanwhile Britain announced it would send troops to Baltic states to defend NATO’s eastern boundaries against possible Russian aggression beyond Ukraine.

Boeing Patented A Drone That Turns Into A Submarine -- Just Like In Movies

The idea to build a plane that turns into a submarine is not new. However, the mission to build an unmanned variation of such a vehicle is rather 21st-century. Boeing actually already has a design ready.

ISIS Sucks At Hacking

A band of vandals is taking credit for doxxing some 1,400 American military and government personnel. Identifying themselves as the Islamic State’s “hacking division,” the group is telling its followers to “act and kill” the infidels. That threat rings somewhat hollow — because ISIS is bad at hacking.

What It Takes To Be A (Female) Army Ranger

While the brass in Washington continue to bicker over the consequences of allowing vaginas into open combat roles, two women have quietly completed the second, creatively-titled “Mountain Phase” of Army Ranger School. A third female soldier will have the opportunity to start the course again, a process known as “recycling”.

Why We Should Welcome 'Killer Robots' -- Not Ban Them

The open letter signed by more than 12,000 prominent people calling for a ban on artificially intelligent killer robots, connected to arguments for a UN ban on the same, is misguided and perhaps even reckless.

Now This Is How You Make An Entrance At The Beach

This image shows the U.S. Navy’s Landing Craft Air Cushion 60 vehicle — a special class of hovercraft — arriving at Virginia Beach on May 29th for the 2015 Patriotic Festival. Coolest way to turn up to the beach? [U.S. Navy]

US Air Force Certifies SpaceX For Military Space Missions

The US Air Force has announced that SpaceX is now certified to launch military and spy satellites. That means that the United Launch Alliance, a joint effort between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, no longer holds the monopoly on national security space missions.

US Air Force Can Use An Electromagnetic Pulse To Kill Enemy Computers

One of the US Air Force’s most high-tech weapons is a tool that can’t hurt people — but it kills electronic devices.

The Pentagon Wants Special Ops To Carry DNA Scanners

The United States’ most elite soldiers have been collecting DNA samples from suspected terrorists for years. But because analysis normally takes three weeks, it’s been a pretty useless chore. Now, however, U.S. Special Operations Command is testing a machine that can do it in 90 minutes. Get ready for advanced biometric warfare.

Boondoggle HQ: The $US25 Million Building In Afghanistan Nobody Needed

This is a story about how the U.S. military built a lavish headquarters in Afghanistan that wasn’t needed, wasn’t wanted and wasn’t ever used at a cost to American taxpayers of at least $US25 million.

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