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British PM David Cameron Embroiled In Remembrance Scandal Over Photoshopped Image

British Prime Minister David Cameron is struggling to catch a break at the moment. Though he (probably) wasn’t actually at fault, his representatives certainly were: they uploaded a very-obviously-doctored picture of the PM to the official 10 Downing Street Facebook page, and caused more than a bit of a stir.

The Internet Is Having A Field Day Over David Cameron's Pig Sex Act Allegations

A new book alleges that British Prime Minister David Cameron put “a private part of his anatomy into a dead pig’s mouth” as part of a university initiation ritual. This is what the social internet was made for.

UK PM David Cameron Wants To Ban Encryption In Britain

David Cameron has signalled that he intends to ban strong encryption — putting the British government on a collision course with some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

UK PM Thought 'LOL' Meant 'Lots Of Love'

Former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks is getting grilled today as part of an inquiry conducted by the British Parliament over last year’s hacking scandal. For the most part, it’s a bit dull, but there was one amazing tidbit that surfaced. British Prime Minister didn’t know what LOL really meant until a couple of years ago.

British PM Could Get iPad App To Track UK Stats

David Cameron – he who loves iPad games and considered banning social networks during the riots – has reportedly commissioned a purpose-built iPad app to help him track stats like crime, unemployment, medical waiting lists and more. And interestingly, it could be made public.

UK Government Changes Mind On Idiotic Social Media Crackdown

British leadership has realised that banning citizens from using certain websites will not fix rioting, The Guardian reports. Accordingly, they’re ditching their ill-conceived, ill-advised proposal to block suspected rioters from Twitter, Facebook, BBM, and other equally stupid, pretend security measures.

Protests In The Social Media Age And Government Bans

Welcome to protests in the social media age: where governments openly mull controversial bans on mobile devices. Let’s discuss!

UK Prime Minister's Anti-Tech Crackdown: Stupid, Useless, Wrong

England’s youths are angry and rioting. And, because it’s 2011, they’re using technology to organise. Well, as much as a violent mob can be organised. But British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to cut them off. He’s very, very wrong.

The UK's Prime Minister Is An Angry Birds Gamer

Not that there’s anything wrong with politicians playing games, obviously, but we know just how addictive Angry Birds can be. Prime Minister David Cameron also asked the UK Interactive Entertainment Association man for iPad game recommendations, reportedly. [Twitter via MCV]

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