FM Radio Hack Allows Data To Be Routed Out Of Isolated Networks

Everyone knows that isolated networks aren’t perhaps as secure as people hope. Now, a security researcher has developed a way to route data from a closed network using just a computer monitor and some humble FM radio waves.

A Secret Policy Lets The UK Suck Up Any Bulk NSA Data It Wants

As if having all that public data squirrelled away by the NSA wasn’t bad enough, a new report by Liberty UK reveals that Britain’s intelligence services can take any of it, whenever it wants, without a warrant.

The Great Public Holiday Exodus, Visualised Using Mobile Phone Data

In France, they know how to relax: On public holidays, virtually all city dwellers flee the urban environment to hit the beach and countryside. And this analysis of mobile phone location shows that in quantified, data-driven form.

The Thoughts Of Locked-In Patients, Visualised

These aren’t Second Life punks — they’re visualisations of what people with locked-in syndrome think, and they could help us communicate with people who can’t respond physically or verbally.

These Beautiful Maps Show How Similarly City Streets Are Arranged

These gloriously rich maps, dripping in trippy neon colour, are more insightful than they may first appear — because their hue actually reveal similarities in the way city streets are oriented.

Aussies To Miss Out On Apple SIM With New iPads

So here’s a cool idea. On the new Cellular iPads, Apple is introducing something called the Apple SIM. Basically, it’s a SIM card that lives in the device as soon as you get it and lets you choose from a variety of different data providers. No contract plans that let you bounce around between data carriers giving true power to the people. It’s a great idea that won’t come to Australia.

Apple's Refresh Schedule And Pricing Changes, Visualised

Ahead of tomorrow’s Apple event, James R. A. Davenport — author of the data and visualisation blog — decided to investigate the data behind Apple’s product refreshes. Here, he shares his findings about refresh times and changing prices.

These Two Guys Want To Turn The Entire Planet Into A Typeface

Last we checked in with Benedikt Groß and Joey Lee, the designer and geographer had just finished counting the number of pools in Los Angeles (43,123). Now the duo hope to bring their somewhat-insane methodology to a similarly perplexing challenge: How do we find all the buildings on the planet that look like letters from the air?

What Cities Smell Like, Visualised

It’s easy to notice on a street corner, but it’s hard to track as you navigate an entire city: smell, despite being a crucial stimulus, is much harder to quantify than other sensory cues like sound or light. But that hasn’t stopped Kate McLean from trying.

Here's What The Higgs Boson Sounds Like When Scientist-Musicians Play It

Data can translate to music too. So for CERN’s 60th birthday, a group of physicists got together to play music based on sonification data taken from the Swiss lab’s for detectors. And it’s beautiful!

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