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Microsoft Is Storing Data In 10 Million Strands Of DNA

DNA contains the information that defines life — but it can also be used to store digital content, too. Now, Microsoft has announced that it’s seriously investigating the technique as a means of storing data, paying a bioscience company to create ten million strands of digital storage DNA.

ACCC Says We Are Consuming More Data At Lower Prices, Thanks To Competition

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s annual telecommunications report for 2014 to 2015 is out, and the ACCC says it shows that consumers are “continuing to benefit from competition in the sector”.

“Consumers are reaping the benefits of competition in the form of increased data allowances, new services, and lower prices,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

Ultrasound Beams Wireless Data Through Flesh At 30Mbps

Wi-fi is great, but it doesn’t pass through the human body very well. Now a team of researchers has shown that it can use ultrasound to send data through chunks of flesh at up to 30 megabits per second.

2.6TB Data Leak Reveals Tax, Investment And Corruption Among World Leaders

An international team of journalists has obtained what it’s referring to as “biggest leak in history”: A 2.6-terabyte stash of data about offshore savings and tax havens from Panama-based legal firm Mossack Fonseca.

Fun Tool Tells You When You'll Get Divorced

So, you made one of the biggest commitments of all and got married. Now, how likely is it to stand the test of time? Well, this interactive chart will show you how likely you are to divorce based on your employment status, education, race and gender.

DARPA Wants To Give Radio Waves AI To Stretch Bandwidth

The radio spectrum is a mess: It’s congested, expensive and there’s no room for expansion. But DARPA has a plan to change that, by building a system where radio waves can work together using artificial intelligence, rather than fighting for space.

Engineers Smash The Record For Fibre Optic Data Transmission

Think your fibre’s is fast? Think again: A team of engineers has smashed the world record for sending data down an optical fibre at room temperature, achieving speeds of up to 57 Gbps.

When You'll Probably Get Married, Visualized

Single? Lonely? Looking for more commitment? Well, this chart will tell you when you’ll probably get married, based on your employment status, education, race and gender.

Data Conclusively Proves That The Force Awakens Is Just A Newer Hope

In other news, a bear shits in the woods and the Pope is Catholic.

Over Half Of The Data From The Pluto Flyby Is Still On The Spacecraft

When New Horizons zipped past Pluto on 14 July 2015, it collected a lot of data. Couple that with the spacecraft’s agonizing, 1-2 Kbps transfer speed, and you arrive at a rather amazing fact: More than half of the data from the historic Pluto flyby is still on the spacecraft.

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