How To Lie With Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is one of the most important tools we have to analyse data. But it’s just as easy to mislead as it is to educate using charts and graphs. In this article we’ll take a look at three of the most common ways in which visualisations can be misleading.

Watching 24 Hours Of Someone's Heartbeat Is Weirdly Mesmerising

As visualizations go, this is a simple one: it simply shows the heartbeats of Jen Lowe from the last 24 hours, gently pulsing as a big, bold, red screen. And it is insanely mesmerising.

The Million Dollar Homepage Still Exists, But A Fifth Of It Is Dead

Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? Eight years later, it’s still alive, but as with all things internet, it’s not quite as healthy as it once was. In fact, 22 per cent of the links it contains are now dead.

This Was The First Modern Organisation Chart

The words ‘organisation chart’ are usually enough to make anyone’s eyes glaze over — but this, the first modern example of such a visualisation, is actually incredibly pretty.

Where Do You Actually Store All Your Online Stuff?

With Google dropping the cost for its Drive service to just $10 a month for an absurdly mammoth 1TB of storage, it’s a great time to think: “Wow, well I maybe I should cram all my digital crap into the same place for simplicity!” But it’s never that easy.

Someday You Could Save Your Files With Nothing But A Sticky Note

Today’s slim, svelte computers look great. You, on the other hand, look like a total yutz fumbling around to plug a thumb drive into a USB port that’s somehow perpetually upside down. What if saving your data was as easy as slapping a sticky note on your screen? That’s what a design team proposes with this highly theoretical design for paper-thin, sticky memory cards.

These Stunning Satellite Images Of Cities Were Really Made With Data

Satellite images of cities at night look wonderful — until you zoom in and realise that they’re a big, blurry mess. These gorgeous city images, made by Marc Khachfe, solve that problem — because they’re actually computer generated from OpenStreetMap data.

An Entire Day Of All Of Europe's Air Travel, Visualised

This stunning video shows all the flights that cross Europe on a typical day. Beautifully animated, it really provides a great insight into the intensity of modern air travel.

Visualising How Sorting Algorithms Work Is As Good As Any Art

We don’t need to tell you that data can be beautiful — but the process of putting it in order can look pretty darn good too. A new site called SORTING aims to make people aware of just how elegant some of computer science’s most fundamental algorithms can be.