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Optus Is Beefing Up Its Sharing Plan To Give You More Mobile Data

You’d really think that having all of your family’s services on the one bill would give you more benefits by now, right? Well, Optus is hoping to introduce one you’ll actually go for with a beefed up data sharing plan that lets you pool more of the precious internet between each other to use.

So Just How Much Free Data Is Telstra Giving Its Customers?

Last week we brought you the news that Telstra is boosting data caps for its ADSL, ADSL2+, NBN and Cable customers in a bid to avoid going unmetered on sites like Netflix, Stan and Presto. But exactly how much extra data is everyone getting? We went and found out.

Fly Through A World Of Software Like It's The Universe

This might look like a journey through space, but in fact it’s a shot from an interactive visualisation that allows you to explore software package managers like they’re galaxies. It’s… more fun than it should be.

A Map Of Just The World's Timezones

Timezones can be confusing things. But this map, which looks like it could be a piece of modern art, strips them back to their essence: this is how the world looks if the only thing you can see is the timezone boundaries.

The Incredible Housing Value Across The US, Mapped

The cost of housing in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area is cripplingly expensive. But what does housing value look like across the whole of the United States?

A Taxonomy Of Hip Coffee Shop Names

As you walk down the footpath, you see a chalkboard in the distance. As you step a little closer, you smell the deep musk of coffee emanating from an artfully distressed front door. Out steps a man with a beard, a Mac slung under his arm, sipping from small re-useable flat white-sized cup. You’ve stumbled across another hip coffee shop. Now, what’s it called?

Data-Collecting Planes Are Counting Africa's Elephants To Curb Poaching

Animals like tigers, lions and elephants are majestic creatures we learn about when we’re kids. But unfortunately many of those species share another trait — they live on the edge of extinction. One hundred African elephants are killed per day for ivory, but one mapping project is tracking these creatures in hopes of saving them.

Facebook Is Probably Tracking All Those Rainbow Profile Pictures

Friday’s Supreme Court decision legalising gay marriage was a historic moment for civil rights in America, and for the first time ever, Facebook released a tool that encouraged people express solidarity with a rainbow profile picture. Naturally, Facebook is also keeping track of who’s using it.

This Lovely Data Viz Of Tornado Hot Spots Was Made In Excel

This geometric data visualisation shows the occurrence of tornadoes across the U.S. since 1950. It’s straightforward, good-looking and… made in Excel.

Why Police In The US Need A Warrant To Track Mobile Phone Location Records

Across the United States, a vigorous debate is taking place in federal and state courthouses about how privacy protections should apply to modern technologies. One of the most spirited issues in this debate is whether the Fourth Amendment requires law enforcement to get a warrant to track a person’s location via their cell phone. This week EFF filed two new amicus briefs that answer that question with a resounding yes.

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