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Here's A Reminder Why You Shouldn't Bother Doing Dumb Facebook Quizzes

When everyone around you is Facebook quizzing, sometime’s it can be hard to resist the lure joining in yourself. But next time, breathe deeply and move on — remembering the privacy implications we’re about to remind you of.

This Is The Best Telstra Mobile Deal I've Ever Seen

It used to be that Telstra data was silly expensive. The network has undoubtedly the best mobile coverage across the country, but you’d pay a significant premium for that privilege. As of today, that has all been turned on its head — you’d be crazy not to jump on Telstra’s $50 $40 BYO mobile phone plan, which includes a total of 7GB of 3G, 4G, and 4GX data.

The Promise -- And Perils -- Of Predictive Policing Based On Big Data

Police departments, like everyone else, would like to be more effective while spending less. Given the tremendous attention to big data in recent years, and the value it has provided in fields ranging from astronomy to medicine, it should be no surprise that police departments are using data analysis to inform deployment of scarce resources. Enter the era of what is called “predictive policing.”

Nokia Networks Is Testing Tech That Promises Faster Cellular Data

Nokia Networks has announced that it’s going to test out pCell, the new cellular data system created by Steve Perlman which embraces large quantities of mobile devices to actually speed up data provision.

How Bad Data Caused The Fires That Leveled The Bronx In The 1970s

“The Bronx is burning.” Throughout the 1970s, hundreds of buildings went up in flames in New York City’s poorest neighbourhoods. But nowhere were the fires more prevalent than The Bronx, where on a single night in July 1977, 400 blazes were raging. And flawed urban planning data was to blame.

All Of James Bond's Travel Destinations On A Single Interactive Map

James Bond gets about at bit, in more ways than one. This interactive map shows where the spy has travelled to across all the movies in the franchise to date. He must’ve used a stack of (fake) passports.

This Modular Hi-Tech Buoy Is Helping Africa To Monitor Its Coasts

A hi-tech buoy that provides real-time data can play a key role in helping South Africa manage its coastal waters. It could also be deployed beyond the country’s waters.

An MIT Algorithm Can Provide Better Human Intuition Than Humans

Computers have a reputation for being able to churn through numbers with limited intuition. Now, though, an algorithm developed by researchers at MIT to find predictive patterns in unfamiliar data has performed better than two-thirds of human teams.

This Interactive Shows How Many People Have A Work Life Like You

In theory, the US is a land of opportunity, where success isn’t constrained by background or education — but the reality is a rather different. This visualisation digs into that a little, allowing you to see how many people have the same education, income, work hours, and commute as you do.

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