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Over 700,000 People Got Screwed In Last Year's IRS Data Breach 

Remember when thieves took advantage of crappy security on the US IRS’ online tax transcript website and stole the personal information of 100,000 people? We already knew that initial number was a lowball, but we didn’t know how low — an IRS audit recently uncovered that over 700,000 people had their accounts breached, and 575,000 others were targeted but not successfully accessed.

191 Million US Voter Records Discovered Just Chilling Online

We’ve seen boat loads of personal info dumps online in the last year, but none as bizarre as this: A discovery of personal data from millions of Americans who’ve voted since 2000, found by a researcher in a sloppily configured database. In other words, it was just hanging out on the web. For unknown reasons. And we have no idea who put it there.

4.6 Million People Hacked In Data Theft From Retail Brokerage Firm Scottrade 

St. Louis-based retail brokerage firm Scottrade has been hacked. The social security numbers, email addresses, street addresses, and other sensitive information of at least 4.6 million customers has been stolen.

Uber Got Hacked Because It Left Its Security Key Out In Public

Remember how Uber, in a Friday night post last week, admitted that the names and personal info of 50,000 drivers had been accessed by an unknown party? Well, Ars Technica has an update. A sad update.

Immigration Department Gaffe Sees 10,000 Asylum Seeker Details Leaked Online

Australia has a problem with asylum seekers. Not with the amount of people arriving per sé but with the treatment of them once they’re intercepted along the way. Those seeking asylum are now the centre of potentially the largest data leak/breach in the nation’s history as a data leak at the Immigration Department sees the details of 10,000 individuals released into the wild.

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