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The US Military Has Made The Fast Quadcopter I've Ever Seen

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research division, just revealed a speed demon quadcopter that flies 72km an hour. It’s like a cheetah drone. I can’t stop watching glorious footage of this glorious cheetah drone.

The US Military Wants A Chip To Translate Your Brain Activity Into Binary Code

It’s been a weird day for weird science. Not long after researchers claimed victory in performing a head transplant on a monkey, the US military’s blue-sky R&D agency announced a completely insane plan to build a chip that would enable the human brain to communicate directly with computers. What is this weird, surreal future?

Researchers Are Teaching ATLAS To Do Household Chores Like Rosie From The Jetsons

The DARPA Robotics Challenge put countless robots through a series of real-world challenges that involved driving, drilling holes and climbing stairs. But let’s be realistic, the only thing any of us really want a robot for is housework, and that’s what ATLAS is finally learning.

The US Is Building A New Drone That Turns Small Ships Into Aircraft Carriers

Nowadays, drones are found nearly everywhere: Farms, fields, even underwater. They could soon be found on the decks of a new kind of aircraft carrier combing the vast oceans for valuable intel.

Robotic Critters Make Excellent Rescue Dogs

DARPA’s BigDog is a four-legged robot that’s too noisy for covert ops on the battlefield. But a different beast-inspired bot from Italy could have use elsewhere: Its legs allow it to trek through tough terrain in disasters, and springs up if it gets knocked over.

RIP BigDog, Darpa's Robotic Pack Mule

The LS3 robot, more popularly known by its predecessor’s name, BigDog, is being retired. Despite hopes that it would one day work as a pack mule for US soldiers in the field, this dog had too much bark. Which is to say, it was simply too noisy.

The Best Gizmodo History Stories From 2015 You Swore You'd Read Later

The internet is a big place. There’s so much to read and watch and listen to that it can be overwhelming. We all have those stories that we start, get distracted for one reason or another, and promise ourselves we’ll finish later. Well, here’s your second chance — with a special focus on Australia.

The US Military Used Lasers To Shoot Down A Drone In 1973

Lasers are the future of warfare. So it might come as a surprise to many Americans that the US military first used a laser to shoot a drone out of the sky as early as 1973.

Remember EATR, The Military Robot That Was Supposed To Eat Humans?

“We completely understand the public’s concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission,” Cyclone’s CEO Harry Schoell said in a press release in 2009.

The Pentagon's Research Arm Is Putting Money Into DNA Manufacturing

The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the governmnet division that tries to take cutting-edge technology and turn it into something the military can use. The agency’s latest target? Genetic engineering.

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