Man Pretending To Be A Robot Looks Like A Robot Pretending To Be A Man

Video: Dancer Madd Chadd is so, so good at doing the robot that he actually looks more like a frighteningly realistic robot pretending to be a human than a human dancing like a robot. In this latest video, he’s sitting down and attempting to eat a sandwich like a robot would and it looks absolutely perfect.

Girl Dancing With 30 Hula Hoops Looks Like She's About To Get Teleported

Video: Coral Jade is a street performer that’s pretty much mastered the art of hula hooping. She can twirl them on every part of her body, use them to create mind bending warps and dance with 30 to make it look like she’s being teleported in a JJ Abrams-era Star Trek Transporter.

The A-Z Of Dancing: A Dance Style For Each Letter Of The Alphabet

Here’s an unofficial guide to the ABC’s of dancing. Watch incredibly toned and tanned people more beautiful than your most beautiful friend perform different dance moves for each letter of the alphabet.

Woman Risks Her Life Aerial Dancing Over Cliff In Beautiful Video

Aerial silk – dancing in the air suspended only by a piece of fabric but not tied to it — is always fascinating to watch. This video of Ashley Smith hanging from a solitary monolith over a cliff, however, has left me speechless — especially since she’s not using a safety harness.

This Video Compilation Of Christopher Walken Dancing Is So Good

Enjoy. Huffington Post created a supercut video of all the dancing that Christopher Walken does in movies and it’s just so fun to watch. You’re going to want to boogie after you see 30 seconds of it.

The History Of Dancing In Film In One 246-Movie Supercut

Film history is full of dancing. Romance, drama, spy thrillers, musical, comedy, terror, even war movies. It doesn’t matter. There’s dancing in every genre. This supercut demonstrates it, compressing 246 films in one groovy supercut set to the Bee Gee’s You Should Be Dancing.

Dancing All Over China Might Be The Best Way To Travel Through China

100 days. 1 foreign country. 1 outfit. 1 guy dancing all across China. It’s just a bloody good time to see someone have so much fun making a fool of himself as he travels all across a foreign country. We should all lighten up and remember to dance more.

Why Dancing Is Actually A Mating Call For Humans

As George Michael showed us once upon a time, the easiest way to get other humans to mate with you is to cut up a dance floor or hide in a bush in a random public park at nightfall. And dancing, it turns out, is actually an ingrained evolutionary trait!

Watch This: Robots Dancing With Light Sabers

At times, these robots look like tiny, technically-skilled children.

Teaching Sneakers: The Ultimate Dancin' Shoes

Industrial designer Tom Sykes, of the Loughborough Design School at England’s Loughborough University, is the recipient of the 2012 James Dyson Foundation Bursary for his “GroundWave Shadow Trainer”. It’s a sneaker prototype that teaches you how to dance.