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Dancing Stormtroopers Invade Britain's Got Talent

Video: There’s a whole bunch of videos out there of dancing stormtroopers at Disneyland, but a dance troupe topped them all last night during a British talent show.

A Troupe Of 540 Dancing Robots Is The Best Way To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

Video: There is no better way to celebrate the passing of time than with a gratuitous display of synchronised dancing. Scratch that: Make the dancers robots and add in some drones, too. That should do it.

Silly Mashup Of Dance Scenes From Movies Is Such A Good Time

Video: Here is nearly 4-minutes of awesome dance scenes from movies that, just from watching it, will make you have a riotous good time. Dance sequences in movies are sometimes goofy, sometimes winking, sometimes weird but always worth watching. I had a dumb smile on my face throughout this entire video by Robert Jones of beautiful famous people dancing like maniacs.

Naked Dancers Get Cleverly Censored With Flying Drones (NSFW)

Video: Censorship blows. Drones are fun! So what happens when drones are the ones censoring? That’s what happens in this spot for Japanese retailer Buyma. Naked dancers dance and prance around the floor without any clothes on while flying drones with sheets of paper censor their modesty.

Seeing This Girl Dance On A Longboard Is Beautifully Mind Bending

Video: The ground is flat, the board is moving, and yet she’s in complete control the entire time she’s dancing on the slithering longboard. It’s such a trippy thing to see because the dancer, Hyo Joo Ko, and the board seem to be moving independent of each other, even though they’re moving in concert. So your eyes follow two different things at once.

The Hypnotising Art Of Juggling Has Never Looked So Cool

Video: To call these three guys just jugglers doesn’t really do them justice. They combine dance moves and slick choreography and really smart coordination to pull off all their stunts that it makes juggling just the backdrop for what they do. There is so much going on and it’s all so fun to keep track of that you’ll lose yourself as you watch them bounce off each other. It’s like a form of hypnosis.

Clever Video Bends Reality By Flattening San Francisco's Hilly Streets

Video: Walking around in San Francisco can get tough because the city is just so damn hilly. Up and down and up and more up and you start to wish you could just flatten the streets. Karen Cheng and Ross Ching tweaked reality a bit by positioning the camera so it looks like those hilly streets became flat and then made this video to mess with your brain as you see the world and the people bend on those flattened streets.

Perfectly Choreographed Video Moves In Ways That Break My Eyeballs

Video: I can barely keep track of what’s going on in each scene of this video by AXYZM because everyone is moving in such perfectly orchestrated movements that my eyeballs just start spinning trying to keep track. It’s like seeing human kaleidoscopes shift around or mirrored clones mimicking each other.

Watch Tim Cook Dancing To Happy For Earth Day

On Earth Day — which was yesterday, in case you missed it — there’s a lot be happy about. Enough to encourage Tim Cook on to the dance floor, in fact. Joined by Eddie Cue and Phil Schiller, the Apple CEO danced to Happy — played live by Pharrell, naturally. This is Apple HQ after all. The result is really quite sweet. [Stephen Murphy via Verge]

The Preparation Of Ballerinas Is So Intense To See

I can just close my eyes and listen to the sounds of this video about Swan Lake and The Royal Danish Ballet. Or I can just mute the audio and watch the visuals of the ballerinas. No matter how I watch this video, I always walk away impressed with the intense dedication and sacrifice. It’s so satisfying to see.

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