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For Some Reason I Want This Impossibly Complicated Cutting Board

Cutting boards don’t need to be complicated. They’re just big, preferably wooden things that you can chop on. Simple. But despite the flawless logic above, I still want this ludicrously expensive bells-and-whistles cutting station.

Own A Piece Of The K-T Layer With These Ceramics Glazed With Deep Sea Mud

Chances are you’ll never plumb the depths of the Mariana Trench or explore the ruins of an ancient shipwreck. But you can hold part of geologic history in your hand with these ceramic pieces glazed with various muds collected from the deep sea, courtesy of The Soft Earth Speaks.

Learn About Coding With These Ultra Nerdy Playing Cards

Everybody loves playing cards because they’re fun. But as the geeky designers behind code:deck, playing cards can be educational, too!

For $40,000, This Bang & Olufsen Speaker Should Play Sound In 11 Dimensions

Bang & Olufsen will freely admit that its new BeoLab 90 speaker is ‘not for everyone’. Given that most people can’t blow $US40,000 on a car, let alone speaker-systems-as-modern-art, that’s not surprising. But at least for the money, you should get a nice hi-fi.

Every Grown-Up Child Needs These Disney Vans

Vans are definitely not the footwear of choice for people seeking a sophisticated, well-heeled look. If you wear Disney-themed Converse, that’s particularly true — but that still won’t stop me buying up every pair of these Disney Vans I can lay my childlike hands on.

Turn Your Sketchy Nighttime Bike Ride Into A Blaze Of Glory With Revolights

Night biking is one of my favourite activities. But you know what’s even more fun? Not getting hit by careless drivers who fail to remember that bikers, too, sometimes have somewhere to be after dark. You’ve gotta have good lights, but taillights are passé. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time for Revolights.

This Pair Of Bags Is All The Travel Luggage You'll Ever Need

I am a total sucker for bags: between duffels, suitcases, technical backpacks and messenger bags, I could probably pack up my entire life in 20-litre increments. Boreas’s new modular bag set could help me with my problem.

Master The Art Of Sabrage With This Space-Age Champagne Saber

This sleek, space-age stainless steel take on a saber from Menu is proof that a champagne saber doesn’t need to be sharp to get the job done. It’s the impact that matters, after all, not the sharpness of the blade.

You Can't Burn Yourself With This Teapot

Someone at OSHA probably has a terrifying stat about the number of workplace injuries caused by teapots. But if everyone rushes out and buys this gorgeous glass hot beverage receptacle, we can do something about this critical national issue.

This Extra Mattress Rolls Up Into A Chair During The Day

Transforming a convertible sofa into a bed can sometimes seem more complex than Optimus Prime changing into a truck. For a more compact emergency bed that’s easier to move wherever you need it, check out Campeggi’s Girella chair, which is as simple to transform as unrolling a sleeping bag.

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