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Watch Daft Punk's 'Aerodynamic' Played Using Just Code

To anyone who ever tells you that programming isn’t creative, show them this. In this video, Sébastien Rannou recreates the whole of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” using just a hundred or so lines of code. And it sounds pretty damn great.

Coming Soon: This Week In Movie Trailers

Welcome to the trailer park! This week: The awesome-looking upcoming Daft Punk documentary, Marvel’s new Netflix series Jessica Jones, Stallone’s Rocky returns and the guys behind The Raid go bat shit Vampire Yakuza crazy.

The Effects That Altered Music Forever: Vocoder, Phasers, Auto Tune And Beyond

Always striving for a unique sound, modern music is built on techniques that have been developed, modified and twisted by countless recording artists, producers and studio engineers. While some were invented by accident and others were developed over generations of technology, these audio effects have shaped music as we know it.

Finally, A Movie Shows How French Electronic Music Is More Than Vocoders

Thanks to Daft Punk, the 1990s French “touch” electronic music scene has its legendary figures, masks and vocoder robot voices and button pushing and all. We’ve got the sound and look, but we’re missing a little fiction to glorify the music’s rise into one of the more influential electronic music movements ever.

How Daft Punk's Bad English Made Get Lucky A Hit

Owen Pallett has a great article on Slate explaining why Daft Punk’s Get Lucky was such a huge success through the lenses of classic Western music theory. It may be a little technical, but it’s fascinating stuff if you know a bit about music.

This Unreleased Daft Punk, Jay-Z Track Is A Stinker

Hooo boy. It seems that not everything Daft Punk touch turns to gold. An unreleased track from our favourite robots and Jay-Z has dropped online, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Take a listen to “Computerized”.

Pharrell's New Daft Punk Collab Is Super Smooth: Listen To The Full Track

Pharrell’s second solo album G I R L is out in a few days, after only being announced in the middle of this month. The album’s lead single is, of course, “Happy”, but to be honest we’re enjoying the smooth grooves of another track a lot more.

Watch Daft Punk Perform With Stevie Wonder At The Grammys

Our favourite musical robots, Daft Punk, picked up four Grammy Awards last night. They also performed their award-winning song Get Lucky with the legendary Stevie Wonder, and it’s so awesome to hear it performed live with mashup elements from other Daft Punk hits. Check it out.

How Daft Punk Made 'One More Time' From A Sample It Says It Never Used

One more time. Even if you wear earplugs, turn off the radio and stay away from noisy clubs, you know Daft Punk’s song ‘One More Time’. It’s one of those songs that seems to be inserted into the memory of every human who has existed since the year 2000. Here, EDM producer Sadowick Production reveals how Daft Punk made the song from a sample the French duo says they didn’t use. It’s quite shocking how easy it was to recreate.

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