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This Tweak Puts CarPlay On Your iPhone Without An External Screen

The CarPlay interface is undoubtedly better for using while driving than the regular ‘ole screen. But unless you’ve got a shiny new car (or one of the expensive aftermarket dashes), chances are you don’t have anything to pair your iPhone with. But this tweak gives you an idea of what CarPlay would look like running on just your handset.

Evasi0n Jailbreak Unshackles Close To Seven Million iOS Devices

Earlier this week, the jailbreak tool to rule them all, evasi0n, was released. Since then, there have been close to seven million new jailbroken iOS devices. At least that’s what the creator of Cydia told Forbes.

10 Apps For Your Jailbroken iPhone And iPad

You’ve taken the plunge. Your iOS device is jailbroken. And now it’s time to head straight to Cydia and download all those illicit apps that’ll supercharge your iPhone or iPad.

PocketMode For iPhone

The iPhone presents a constant dilemma: do you put your ringer on loud so you can hear it or do you keep it on silent to not annoy the people around you? PocketMode makes the decision for you.

Peruse Naughty iPhone Apps Using Cydia Search On Your Desktop

Like an app store for jailbroken iPhone apps, Planet-iPhone’s Cydia Search lets you check out apps before downloading them on your smartphone.

When Amazon Cloud Goes Down, Your Internet Time Sucks Go Too

Amazon’s EC2 cloud storage service had some problems while we were all sleeping last night (Read: IT CRASHED), causing a few websites we’ve come to know and love to take a brief nap (Read: THEY CRASHED).

Even Toyota Is 'Apple's Bitch'

Toyota’s clever attempt to reach owners of “jailbroken” iPhones and other iOS devices via a Scion tC-theme posted on Cydia – an alternative app store for the devices – garnered downloads and press attention for smart marketing. Now the campaign’s gaining attention for completely caving to Apple.

How To Back Up Your Jailbroken iOS Apps With PkgBackup

We’ve looked at backing up and restoring your jailbroken iOS device with AptBackup, but it’s not a perfect solution. If you’re willing to spend a little money, PkgBackup is a fully automated backup and restore option to bring back all your jailbreak apps, hacks and extensions with just a few taps.

Why Can't Apple Just Make iOS Notifications Like This?

If there’s one thing at the top of our iOS wish list, it’s for a better notification system. Especially now that Android and webOS have figured out a way to make notifications seamless and unobtrusive, Apple’s roadblock system has become seriously outmoded.

How To Customise Your Jailbroken iOS Lockscreen

The default iOS lockscreen is little more than a glorified wristwatch; functional, but not very useful for much else than checking the date. Having a jailbroken iOS device opens up a Pandora’s box of possibilities, allowing you to add more info and a personal touch to the most basic of your phone’s functions: the lockscreen.

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