Garmin's Edge 1000 May Be The Smartest Bike Computer Yet

While the phones in our pockets have been getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate, bike computers (despite having the word “computer” right in their name) have been lagging way behind. But as sensors, radios and chips have shrunk smaller and smaller, we’ve seen more and more intelligence come to the handlebars. The new Edge 1000 from Garmin is trying to pack the most in.

A Bullshit-Free Guide To The Gear You Need To Commute By Bike

So you’re thinking about commuting to work by bike this summer? Congratulations, your life is about to get a zillion times more fun. But where to begin? The insular world of cycling can seem a little, uh, confusing to those unfamiliar with it — it’s hard to know what you really need to get started riding.

You Can't Steer A Bike In Zero Gravity, Even If The Road's Magnetic

Gravity is the sworn enemy of any cyclist. Succumb to its force while you’re on two wheels, and you’ll end up bloody and bruised. But like any superhero’s nemesis, gravity justifies a bike’s very existence, because without it, you’d never be able to steer. Strap on a helmet, this is gonna get weird.

This Super Clever Lift Assists Cyclists Up Steep City Hills

This one goes out to all the city cyclists who have pulled up to the bottom of a steep-arse hill with three words echoing through their head: Oh. Hell. No. The Norwegian city of Trondheim built a special bike-lift that gives folks with wheels a free ride, no pedaling required.

Coca-Cola Wants You To Start Riding Your Bike

Coca-Cola has an interesting new app and social initiative. It’s called The Happiness Cycle, and it’s aimed at teenagers (although anyone can join in). Coke wants them to start riding bikes; the aim is to get Australian kids to become more active, and the soft drink giant is giving away hundreds of bicycles to promote the cause.

City Cycling: Health Vs Hazard

Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out.

An Alien Cocoon? No, It's An Alpine Shelter For Mountain Bikers

For a mountain biker, the place where you start your run shouldn’t really matter. But this transparent, fabric-enmeshed cycling pavilion is the kind of place you might find yourself wanting to hang around in.

A Bicycle With A Flat Frame Is An Impractical Masterpiece

With its flowing metal frame, wooden handlebars and seat post, and proprietary headset, this bicycle puts form on a par with function. It might not be the most practical ride, but it’s certainly one of the most beautiful.

This Schwinn Mount Shouts Turn-By-Turn Directions From Your Handlebars

Looking at your phone to navigate is not conducive to operating a bike safely. So Schwinn is making CycleNav, an app-operated handle mount tells you turn-by-turn directions.

Can Radar And RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

Last month, London reached a grim milestone: Six cyclists were killed within 14 days, sparking a massive “die-in” protest. London isn’t alone; 176 cyclists or pedestrians were killed in NYC last year. The rapidly rising death toll is spurring a race to build a technology to warn drivers before they hit someone on foot or bike.