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Sony HX-20 Point-And-Shoot: Reader Review

Photography has always been one of those art forms that truly astonishes me. It can produce some truly beautiful images that capture a solitary moment of fun, sadness or passion, ready to be shared to friends or printed on glossy paper. A camera in the hands of someone who knows how to use it is a powerful tool indeed. Unless, that is, the camera is handled by someone whom is, themselves, a powerful tool. My name’s Troy and I’m to photography as Lara Bingle is to Australian TV.

Sony's Underwater Cybershot TX200V Is The iPhone's Fat, Photo-Taking Cousin

Sony’s new glass-faced TX200V is a decidedly opulent stab at something we’ve been asking for around here: a waterproof camera that doesn’t sacrifice optics and design. It’s just that it does it at a pretty painful price point.

Sony Cybershot TX55 Shoots Photos And Video Simultaneously

There’s potentially a lot to dig in Sony’s TX-55: Like, it’s only 12.2mm thin and there’s a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen. More importantly: It’ll let you shoot nearly full-res photos while taking video, and Sony’s promising full-res, pixel-perfect virtual zoom up to 10x.

Sony Camera With Built-In 3G Coming?

Pretty soon we’ll find ourselves paying for 14 different 3G data contracts across all our various gadgets and appliances. Before that happens though, we might see a Sony CyberShot camera with built-in 3G that allows for limited free uploads, according to gdgt’s sources. Supposedly users would be able to spring for more data if needed. [gdgt via SlashGear]

Sony's New Point-and-Shoot Press Shots, Brought To You By A Canon Camera

Look at this pleasant tableau: two square-jawed gentlemen and one of their attractive lady friends enjoying a brand new Sony point-and-shoot. And so beautifully photographed! (By a Canon 5D Mark II.)

Sony New Point-And-Shoot Cameras Put Together 3D Panoramas Via 100 Image Scan

Don’t get too excited about the 3D element of Sony’s WX5 and TX9 snappers – the small print uses the phrase “3D-style viewing effects” so we suspect it’ll be a bit of a, to use a technical phrase, mish-mash.

Sony Cybershot H55: Big 10x Zoom, Small(ish) Camera

Sony’s other new camera is the H55, which goes for the “stuffing a fat zoom lens into a tiny body” party trick (like Nikon’s S8000). It’s a 10x zoom, starting at a 25mm wide-angle. (I’m curious to see what kind of lens distortion we might get here, if any.)

Sony's New Camera, Camcorders Support SD Cards, Wireless Sharing

Sony introduced a whopping 17 new cameras and camcorders today, in the Handycam and Cyber-shot lines, and as was hinted, they support SD and microSD cards. Even better, the new TransferJet lets you share photos between cameras, wirelessly.

Sony's Cybershot Exmor Ad Is Laughably Unfair

The best part is, I don’t even know to whom. Future camera buyers? Other cameras? To Sony’s own Exmor-equipped point-and-shoots, which got this instead of a respectable marketing campaign? In any case, this is dumb. Let us count the ways!

Sony Party Shot Automatic Camera Mount Is For People Who Have Lots Of Parties, But No Friends With Cameras

So here’s what you’re supposed to do: Nestle your Cybershot point-and-shoot atop the Party Shot motorised monopod, set a few parameters, and party hard. In theory, when you wake up, you’ll have a memory card full of semi-candid, Facebook-ready pictures.

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