OnePlus One Review: An Unbelievably Fantastic Smartphone

Maybe you’ve heard of the OnePlus One. It’s the self-styled “flagship killer” aiming to swoop in from China and beat the Nexus 5 at its own affordability game. That’s a tall order, but the OnePlus One fills it. It’s so dirt cheap, and so incredible, that it’s damn near unbelievable.

Google Just OKed A Phone That Runs Modded Android Out Of The Box

You like to mess with your phone? Unlock that bootloader and flash some ROMs? Soon there’ll be another option for would-be tinkers who want to run mods. Google just approved the first ever Android phone to run the ever-popular Cyanogenmod right out of the box.

One-Click CyanogenMod Installer Lands On Google Play

If you’ve ever wanted to install Cyanogenmod on your Android handset but have been intimidated by the set-up or just too lazy to get it off the ground, there’s now a one-click installer on the Google Play store you can download.

Stream Everything To Your Chromecast With This Clever Workaround

People are greedy. We just are. What we want is all the content. All the content streaming to our Chromecasts. We want more. We want all the streaming services. All the video and audio the internet can offer. More, more, MORE. Here’s how to do stream everything to your Chromecast.

Zombie HP TouchPad Gets Android Jellybean Before Almost Every Android Tablet

Unless you’ve got a Google Nexus 7, you’re going to be waiting a while for the official release of Jelly Bean for your tablet. Which is why it’s a little surprising — and dare we say funny — that it’s already popped up on HP’s aborted TouchPad

Ice Cream Sandwich Coming For Xperia And... Everybody?

Sony’s announced that it’ll release the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for all of its 2011 Xperia phones sometime in 2012. The Cyanogenmod crew are working hard on ICS, with what looks like a planned release for everybody by January.

Here's An Alpha Version Of CyanogenMod For The HP Touchpad

The HP Touchpad just jumped up a few notches on the tablet scale now that the first public release of CyanogenMod is available for download.

Android, Coming Soon To Your HP Touchpad

Snagged a HP Touchpad (or seven) during its $98 fire sale in August? Either you’ve come to terms with what webOS offers and its decidedly terminal fate, or, you’ve been hanging out for CyanogenMod to get Android onto the hardware. It looks like CM are getting closer to making this reality, judging by their latest video.

HP TouchPad: Get (Unstable) Android Now!

Looks like we’ll have to rely on the efforts of the Cyanogenmod crew for stable Android on TouchPad, with the TouchDroid team having closed its doors. Before it was shuttered, though, the team did release video and walkthrough information for getting rather unstable Android running on TouchPad. You know. For if you’re really keen.

HP TouchPad Gets Android With Cyanogenmod

We’ve already shown you how to get Ubuntu up and running on the TouchPad as well as speculation on whether Android on TouchPad is actually real. It’s getting a lot more real thanks to the Cyanogenmod team, who have managed to get an alpha Gingerbread project running on the Touchpad.

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