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These Confiscated Counterfeit Hoverboards Do Not Have A Bright Future

US Customs and Borders Protection has seized over 16,000 counterfeit hoverboards. The trendy death-wheelies are sitting in a warehouse in Chicago awaiting processing. Since they can’t be sold, they will be destroyed.

Here's What Happens When You Smuggle Meth In Printer Cartridges

The short answer? You get caught. A Hong Kong national residing in Melbourne was recently busted accepting four boxes of printer cartridges in the mail. The only thing more odd than buying ridiculously overpriced printer toner in bulk, is the fact that hidden in each cartridge was methamphetamine.

iPhone 4-Shaped 'Tasers' Seized By Australian Customs

While you might grumble at Customs taking issue with your $1000-plus international purchases, they’re also in the business of confiscating objects a little more dangerous than discounted camera lenses and smartphones. This week, some 6000 weapons were snagged, including iPhone counterfeits capable of delivering electrical shocks.

Customs Tried To Stop The Makerbot Replicator 2 From Getting To Australia

If you ordered a Makerbot Replicator 2 recently, you might have noticed that it was a bit late getting to you. That’s because when Makerbot decided to launch the Replicator 2 in Australia it ran into an obnoxious hurdle, namely, in the form of the the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

Georgians Will Leave Their Country Just To See This Beautiful Border Crossing

Border crossings are usually designed to suck your soul while you wait in endless lines for a customs agent to approve or cancel your travel plans. But if your journeys have you crossing between Georgia and Armenia in the near future, you’ll be treated to this amazing architectural wonder at the border.

Apple Fails To Ban US HTC Imports

Back in May, Apple managed to hold up the import of HTC handsets on the grounds that they infringed a number of patents. The ban didn’t last for long — and now the ITC is flatly refusing to listen to Apple’s whining.

When Returning From The Moon, Don't Forget To Fill Out Your Customs Form

Despite the fact that every single facet of NASA’s moonwalks were government-controlled expeditions, astronauts were not exempt from the annoying processes involved with foreign travel. Case in point, this customs form, signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.

ACLU Mounts Lawsuit Against Baseless Border Laptop Searches

For the last two years, the US Department of Homeland Security has claimed the right to seize and search your laptop on nothing more than a whim. Today, the American Civil Liberties Union and others have brought a lawsuit fixing to change that.

Judge Smacks Down Warrantless DHS Laptop Searchers

In 2008, it came to light that Homeland Security had the authority to take your laptop, hold it indefinitely, and search it whenever without warrant or probable cause. Last week, a judge rightly ruled that that’s bananas.

Australian Customs Officials Will Search Your Laptop For Porn

The Australian Sex Party – which is a trade group, not a fun Friday night – has risen up against new Australian customs rules that allow officials to search your personal electronics for pornography. Even Crocodile DunDD? Outrage!

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