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Curiosity's Latest Selfie Is An Instant Classic

NASA’s Curiosity rover has completed its survey of “Murray Buttes”, and is now set to venture even higher along the slopes of Mount Sharp. The intrepid rover took the opportunity to snap a selfie as it proudly stood in front of some rather dramatic Martian features.

We're Very Curious About A New Fairy Tale Film Called The Curiosity

Video: Citing films like Pan’s Labyrinth and District 9 as inspiration, screenwriter-turned-director Travis Beacham — best known as the writer behind Pacific Rim — just released the first teaser of his directorial debut, The Curiosity.

You Can Be The Curiosity Rover In NASA's New Driving Game

Admit it: In your heart, you’re a space robot, laughing at death on Mars, while you pop a wheelie over an underground water cavern. Now there’s a game that lets you take your true form.

This Is NASA's New Mars Rover

NASA is racing to finish a new Mars rover, and the mission just got a launch and land date. The new rover will leave Earth by August 2020, and in February of 2021, it will hit the surface of the Red Planet to search for signs of life.

We Now Know What Caused The Curiosity Rover To Glitch Out 

Curiosity is finally back in action, after it threw itself into a mysterious partial shutdown last week, briefly falling out of communication with Earth. Now, NASA has figured out the cause — and the culprit is also one of Curiosity’s best features.

Curiosity Just Put Itself Into A Precautionary Safe Mode

Mission controllers at NASA are currently working to return the Curiosity Mars rover to full activity after a computer glitch that caused the rover to enter into a precautionary stand-down over the weekend.

Curiosity's Next Mission Will Focus On Life On Mars

The Curiosity rover was sent up to Mars with the important job of hunting for microbes on the red planet’s surface. Now, that job is done, and Curiosity is getting a new mission — and that mission is all about the past, and future, of life on Mars.

NASA Has Called Off The Launch For Its Brand New Mars Lander

Mars InSight lander was set to blast its way towards the red planet just three short months from now. Today, NASA announced that leaks that had sprung up in the lander wouldn’t be fixed in time. The next window to send it back won’t be for two years — and whether it will make it even then isn’t certain.

For The First Time Ever, A Rover Has Ventured Onto A Martian Sand Dune

NASA’s Curiosity rover has boldly gone where no robotic probe has gone before: a Martian sand dune.

There's Something Odd In The Shadows Of The Curiosity Rover's Selfie

Look at Curiosity. Now, look at Curiosity’s shadow. Notice anything?

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