Inside Apple's Secretive University-Style Training School

Deep within the bowels of Apple, there’s a secretive school where employees learn about the company and how to work for it. Some call it education, others indoctrination — but either way, a new report explains what it’s like.

Watch The Old Buildings Fall On The Future Home Of Apple's Campus

You know what has to happen before Apple’s nifty new HQ touches down on planet Earth? The existing on-site buildings gotta go boom. Here’s slo-mo vid of the recently completed razing in Cupertino, set to the pitch perfect sounds of Patsy Cline’s I Fall to Pieces.

Apple's New Mothership Campus Has Mysterious Research Facilities

The City of Cupertino has published the complete proposal for Apple’s new mothership campus. There’s a lot of interesting new things that nobody has seen yet, like a mysterious research facility separate from the main building and the circular underground auditorium.

The LA Times Thinks Apple's Spaceship Campus Sucks

It looks mighty impressive in renders, and is astoundingly huge, but not everyone is dazzled by Apple’s planned HQ 2.0: the Los Angeles Times‘ architecture critic, Christopher Hawthorne, thinks it’s a huge mistake: isolated, alienating, drab, a “retrograde cocoon”. Oh crap!

Apple Already Planning Third Campus

In addition to their circular “spaceship” campus, because of company growth, Apple is already in the early planning stages of building a third campus.

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Is Bigger Than The Empire State Building

We already know that Apple’s upcoming spaceship campus is going to be out of this world gorgeous. We also know it’s going to be gigantically big. But how big? Well, the Empire State Building ain’t got nothin’ on Apple.

Jobs' Spaceship Apple HQ: A Dream 30 Years In The Making

Steve Jobs recently approached the Cupertino City Council with what seemed like the crazy vision of building a spaceship-like campus for Apple HQ. It turns out he had the same dream back in 1983. And it was just as ambitious.

Steve Jobs Wants To A Build A Spaceship-Like Campus For His Employees

This seems crazy but Steve Jobs supposedly stood before the Cupertino City Council on Tuesday and asked for permission to build a totally round building for Apple’s 12,000 employees on land Apple purchased from HP. “It’s a little like a spaceship,” he says while describing it. [Techcrunch]

Apple's New Headquarters Will Be Designed By Norman Foster

Only just purchased from HP last month, Apple’s latest campus in Cupertino, California, will be designed by the famous British architect Norman Foster, who’s lent his hand to creations such as these.

Apple Pitches Flag On HP's Land

After 20 years of using the 98-acre land in Cupertino, HP’s given it up and moved down the road to Palo Alto. As Apple’s lived next door since 2006, it was only natural for them to snap it up.