44 Per Cent Of All Twitter Accounts Have Yet To Send A Tweet

Briefly: A new report from Twopcharts has found that 44 per cent of the world’s Twitter accounts have yet to send a Tweet.

Giz Explains: How The Art Of Tattoo Has Coloured World History

Tattoo is among humanity’s earliest and most ubiquitous art forms. Cultures from every habitable continent have embedded permanent dyes in their bodies for more than 5000 years — as mystical wards, status symbols, rites of passage, or simply as personal decoration. That tradition continues today, just with a much smaller chance of infection.

The Design Of Abba's Clothing Was Actually A Form Of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba’s stagewear was not just influenced by the sequined needs of being a dancing queen. The design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion.

The Ugly Behind-The-Scenes History Of Video Game Movies

Few Hollywood announcements are treated with such fierce-yet-wounded anticipation as video game adaptations. Full of incredible artistry, instantly-recognisable characters and an increasingly-mature approach to storytelling, you’d be forgiven for thinking gaming is a medium particularly well suited for making the jump to the silver screen. But history tells another story.

The Landscapes Of Suburbia Are The Real Science Fiction

Science fiction is often charged with naïve technological optimism and historical amnesia. But for present-day Californians struggling with a wide range of environmental and social problems, science fiction might just provide the perspective we need to successfully pivot from the boom times of the 20th century to the messy prospect of the century ahead.

How A 1940s Gangster Film Foresaw The Surveillance Tech Of Today

White Heat is a classic gangster film from 1949, starring James Cagney. It is a thoroughly Los Angeles flick, filmed almost exclusively in the Greater Los Angeles region, including scenes shot at Warner Brother Studios in Burbank. The film is considered a classic for many reasons — but what’s interesting specifically in terms of Gizmodo is its depiction of what, at the time, cutting-edge technologies that have been adapted by the police to track down Cagney’s gang.

Explore The World's Best Museums Without Leaving Your Living Room

So what if you live nowhere near cultural epicenters like Paris, London or New York? In this day and age, the wonders of human creation and artistic expression are never more than a few mouse clicks away.

When Did Humans Start Wearing Clothes?

Determining exactly when humans began wearing clothes is a challenge, largely because early clothes would have been things like animal hides, which degrade rapidly. Therefore, there’s very little archaeological evidence that can be used to determine the date that clothing started being worn.

Liz Lemon Longs For When TiVo Reigned Supreme

It seems like just yesterday when TiVo was a verb. But times change, and more brand-neutral DVR seem to be on the rise. As you can see in this clip of a new 30 Rock episode aired in the States, Liz Lemon expresses her longing for days gone by. Personally? I still catch myself remembering to “tape” episode. What is that, even?

Lunchtime Deals: Madman Manga From $2

If you’ve been curious about Manga for years but scared to dip your toes into the Japanese artform, local distributor Madman’s massive Manga sale is a great place to start. Prices start from $2 per graphic novel, and there are hundreds to choose from, so go nuts! [Madman via OzBargain]