Cops Called On Cosplayer Riding Sydney Train With 'Guns, Swords & Grenades'

Australian Reuben Rose, on his way to a charity event and carrying a tray of cupcakes, was surrounded by police at a train station in Blacktown, Sydney today after his fellow commuters became concerned at the stuff in his bag.

'World's Dumbest Criminal' Fails To Successfully Rob A Harvey Norman

If you’re planning a major gadget heist from a store like Harvey Norman, you need a few things. Cunning, speed and a getaway car that works. Sadly, this alleged crim had none of the above, after police nicked him trying to get away from a freshly-robbed store in a broken down car.

Veteran Pickpocket Explains How ATM Skimmers Are Ruining His Craft

Update: There’s no better example of a petty criminal than the pickpocket, a fast-moving talent who lifts wallets as if he were picking up pennies off the sidewalk. But a profile of a veteran pickpocket in the New York Times this weekend shows that technology is destroying the art. Credit cards are just more lucrative.

The Latest Super-Thin ATM Skimmers Are Virtually Unspottable

Just like consumer tech, criminal tech advances in leaps and bounds — and none more so than the ATM skimmer. Now, the kinds of skimmers being used are so slim and small that you’ll never see them — and their battery life means they last an age too.

Pizza Shop: We're Being Extorted For Bitcoin. What's A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the preferred currency of hackers, fraudsters and e-based ruffians everywhere, is now being extorted on our streets — from your local pizza joint, specifically. Now the owners just need to figure out what a bitcoin actually is.

Queensland Man Charged With Stealing $110,000 In Bitcoin

A 21-year-old man from the small town of Kingaroy in inland Queensland has been arrested and charged with the theft of $110,000 in Bitcoin, only three months after he was first arrested for hacking a US gaming company’s computer network.

Report: There's A New Chinese Hacker Army Attacking The US

A report by security company CrowdStrike claims that a new Shanghai-based cyberattack unit, with links to the People’s Liberation Army in China, has been hacking the US. The group — codenamed “Putter Panda” because it often preys on golf-playing conference attendees — is believed to have been in existence since 2007.

Fake Murder On Google Street View Attracts Attention Of Real Police

In August 2012, a man and his friend spotted a Google Street View car around the corner and decided to simulate a murder to prank everyone on the internet. The police found about it and investigated — more than a year later.

How To Pull Off The Perfect Bank Heist

In 2011, architect Armin Blasbichler asked his 21 architecture students at the University of Innsbruck to plan bank heists, because, as he says, “architects have a specific view on buildings and organisational structures — on how things relate together, weak points and strong points.”

Stop The Hacks: The US Is Already Turning Back Chinese Hacker-Types At The Border

A senior administration official recently listed several ways that the United States is taking aim at the Chinese hacker community on the whole. That list includes everything from economic sanctions to a blanket ban on Chinese hackers attending conferences in the US. It’s actually already happening.