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Most Complex Cash Register Malware Ever Is Out To Steal Your Money And ID

A new kind of point-of-sale malware, which uses multiple layers of obfuscation and encryption to cover its tracks, has been identified by security researchers — and is being help up as the most complex software of its kind yet to be identified in the wild.

The Case That Sent An Innocent Woman To The Gallows (And The Test That Would Have Saved Her)

Few people have heard of Eliza Fenning today, but in 1815 she was the most famous wronged woman in England. Executed for a crime on flimsy evidence, she inspired a new age of scientific inquiry — and a character in Frankenstein.

Gizmodo Staffers Confess Their Family Secrets For Secret History Week

It’s been an amazing week of secret histories on Gizmodo, and we wanted to finish up by sharing our own secret histories. Apparently, the families of Gizmodo staffers are full of criminal acts and shenanigans and hanky panky. So it’s confession time …

The Promise -- And Perils -- Of Predictive Policing Based On Big Data

Police departments, like everyone else, would like to be more effective while spending less. Given the tremendous attention to big data in recent years, and the value it has provided in fields ranging from astronomy to medicine, it should be no surprise that police departments are using data analysis to inform deployment of scarce resources. Enter the era of what is called “predictive policing.”

Man Hires 'Hacker' Through Craigslist, Actually Hires Undercover Cop

In case you’re ever in a situation where you think hiring a hacker from Gumtree will improve things, just remember: you’re more likely to get an undercover police officer instead.

Your Family DNA Could Be Used Against You By The Law

Five years after privacy advocates warned about the potential risks to privacy posed by massive genetics databases, they are, indeed, causing problems. Two popular geneology websites, and 23andMe, both maintain such databases on behalf of private citizens. Now there’s at least one case on record of Ancestry’s data being used in a murder case, and 23andMe has seen a few requests too.

Amazon Is Suing 1000 Fake Five-Star Reviewers

As well as promising the entire world in a box, Amazon also trades on the quality of its reviews. So it’s actually not that surprising that the company is taking 1114 unknown reviewers to court.

People Are Getting Robbed For Their 'Hoverboards' Now

Police in Philadelphia are looking for a man who robbed several people at gunpoint on 5 October at a Chinese take-out restaurant. He stole the victims’ phones, their wallets, and a “hoverboard”. Yep, people are getting robbed for their hoverboards now.

Former Reuters Employee Matthew Keys Found Guilty Of Hacking 

Earlier today, a Sacramento jury found former Reuters social media manager Matthew Keys guilty on three counts of computer hacking.

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