Report: A Bunch Of Illegal Websites Seized By The FBI Were Fakes

The dark web owes the FBI a thank-you. It turns out that during its recent mass seizure operation against a number of Tor sites (including Silk Road 2.0), a little more than half of the sites taken down were either clones or scams — and, in a number of cases, the real, functional websites are still active.

This $150 Hack Can Crack A Safe

It might not look much, with its plain 3D-printed arms and cables hanging free, but this little guy can punch well above its weight. Made up of components worth an estimated $US150, this auto-dialler can do the same job as a machine worth tens of thousands: it can crack a safe.

Crooks Have Started Rooting ATMs To Steal Cash

As if we don’t already have it bad with ATM skimmers, criminals have now started going a step further. New reports suggest that ATMs are increasingly being rooted so that crooks can take complete control of cash points and easily steal funds.

Argentina Is Using Drones To Hunt Down Tax-Evading Mansions

Officials in Argentina had a sneaking suspicion about property tax evasion, so they sent sent out some camera-equipped drones to look at a mostly vacant part of town. What’d they find? Oh, just 200 luxury houses that hadn’t been registered, according to the Telegraph. That’s pretty flagrant.

Report: US Border Patrol Will Test Wearable Cameras For Agents

US Border Patrol will begin wearing cameras in training, according to the AP. The move comes as the border patrol has come under fire for killings by agents. This is just the latest sign that movement to strap cameras to law enforcement is picking up steam.

The Coldest Of The Cold Cases: Using DNA To Identify Century-Old Remains

In a dusty, seemingly empty field 100km east of Los Angeles, Dr Alexis Grey, a forensic anthropologist from the San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, points to a chain-link fence far in the distance, the mountains rising beyond in the hazy heat. “There are 7000 people between us and that next fence there,” she says. For almost a decade, her job has been to confirm the identification of every single one of them.

The Rise And Fall Of America's Greatest Convicted Counterfeiter

Art Williams Jr says he never really knew how money worked until he went to prison three times. It’s ironic because Art Williams is also one of the most infamous money counterfeiters in recent American history. And he almost got away with it.

Gmail Scans Caught Sex Offender Who Left No Trace Elsewhere Online

We all know that our Gmail inboxes are scanned, and that Google uses automated image scanning to track down child exploitation — but it’s now been made clear the two overlap: searches of a Gmail inbox have led the arrest of a registered sex offender who has illegal photos of children in his email account.

Cops Called On Cosplayer Riding Sydney Train With 'Guns, Swords & Grenades'

Australian Reuben Rose, on his way to a charity event and carrying a tray of cupcakes, was surrounded by police at a train station in Blacktown, Sydney today after his fellow commuters became concerned at the stuff in his bag.

'World's Dumbest Criminal' Fails To Successfully Rob A Harvey Norman

If you’re planning a major gadget heist from a store like Harvey Norman, you need a few things. Cunning, speed and a getaway car that works. Sadly, this alleged crim had none of the above, after police nicked him trying to get away from a freshly-robbed store in a broken down car.

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