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Counterfeiters Have Been Painting Expired Olives To Sell Them

A sting operation in Italy has yielded an unlikely cache of loot: Over 85,000 tonnes of freshly painted green olives that police just seized from food counterfeiters.

Wendy's In The US Is Investigating A Credit Card Data Attack

Been eating at Wendy’s? You might want to check your credit card statements: the restaurant chain has admitted that it’s investigating a credit card data breach.

3D Cameras Will Help Tokyo Cops Take Futuristic Mugshots In Scary Detail

Soon, police stations could have a lot more dirt on you than just your fingerprints. Cops could soon be taking 3D mugshots that will give them unprecedented details of your face, and they will store it in a creepy nanny state database to help nail crooks.

This Site Lets You Search The Worldwide Netflix Library

Netflix might have declared its plan to crack down on unblockers and VPNs to avoid users country-hopping, but there’s still ways to view the different Netflix libraries from other regions. If you’re after one movie in particular, this global Netflix search engine will tell you where to take up virtual residence.

Dutch Police Claim They Can Crack Emails On Special Encrypted Blackberries

Blackberry already trades on the strength of its software’s security, so you’d think that a special $US2000 ultra-encrypted Berry would be a guarantee of privacy. According to Dutch police, not so much.

US Federal Marshals Raid Hoverboard Booth At CES 2016

Two US federal marshals raided the booth of a Chinese hoverboard company yesterday at CES. The badged law enforcement agents collected all of the company’s one-wheeled “Trotter” electric skateboards, as well as all related marketing materials. It was dramatic.

This Chart Of Every Execution In US History Shows How Capital Punishment Has Changed

Time Magazine has put together an eye-popping chart showing every execution performed in the United States since 1770, and how each deed was done.

Man Arrested In UK Suspected Of Horrible VTech Hack

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in the UK on suspicion of “unauthorised access” to a computer over the VTech hack, which saw the personal information of nearly 6.4 million children stolen from servers.

Smugglers Busted With Nearly $400 Million Worth Of Cocaine Moulded Into Shipping Pallets

Remember that scene in Traffic where they moulded cocaine into dolls? This kind of trickery happens in real life, too. A band of international smugglers recently got caught with over $US370 million worth of cocaine disguised as 40 shipping pallets. No, the pallets weren’t filled with cocaine. The pallets were cocaine.

Shoplifting On Hoverboards Is The Future Of Lazy Crime

Briefly: Auto-balancing skateboards, incorrectly but widely known as hoverboards, are this year’s must-have novelty toys for people bored of their selfie sticks. But it would seem they also have use for shoplifters who can’t be bothered to walk. London’s Metropolitan Police published a video of a young male shoplifting a case of Lucozade energy drink from a supermarket in south-west London. The crime is not significant in any way, apart from that the suspect rolls in and makes his escape on an LED-illuminated hoverboard. The video has since been taken down, but we managed to grab this screenshot. Welcome to 2015, everyone.

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