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US Police Used Stingray In Hunt For $50 Chicken Wing Thief

Stingray is a controversial mobile phone tracking tool that sucks up information from all nearby mobile phone users. It’s often sold as a vital tool for finding serious criminals and terrorists, an argument that is weakened somewhat when it emerges that Annapolis police used it to try and find the perp in a $US50 ($67) chicken robbery.

An $US80M Bank Hack Has Been Blamed On $10 Routers

Sometimes it pays to spend. The central bank of Bangladesh has found that out the hard way, as police are blaming its loss of $US80m during a hack on crappy $10 routers.

Florida Man Tries To Escape Cops On His Hoverboard, Fails

Hoverboards are useful little tools if you want to roll closer to God or start a large fire. Increasingly though, they’re being used as getaway vehicles for criminals, which happened again this past weekend in Florida.

A Former US State Department Employee Is Going To Prison For Twisted Sorority-Girl 'Sextortion' Scheme 

A former US State Department employee will spend 57 months in prison for a “sextortion” cyberstalking crime that sounds like an SVU sweeps-week plot, only weirder and more awful.

Fabricated Lab Result Puts Almost 8000 Criminal Cases In Doubt

Image: Pat Sullivan/AP

A lab technician working at a New Jersey State Police drug testing station has been accused of fabricating drug test results, potentially upsetting almost 8000 criminal cases in the US state.

You'd Never Spot These Hidden Card Skimmers That Are On The Rise

Watch where you put your card. The ATM security organisation EAST has published a new report pointing out that the use of so-called Throat Inlay Skimming devices — which are hidden within the card slot — is rising.

Hoverboarding Gunman Shoots Driver, Hovers Away

An alleged gunman in Dallas pulled up to a car on his hoverboard, shot the driver and made off on his two-wheeled scooter. This ain’t no Griff Tannen shenanigans.

The Latest Crack Counter-Terror Team Comes From...Facebook?

The War On Terror™ continues apace, with dedicated agencies hunting all threats both foreign and domestic. The Wall Street Journal has a new look inside one unlikely group: Facebook.

Judge Confirms Carnegie Mellon University Hacked Tor And Provided Info To FBI

A rumour has been circulating for a while that researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) provided information to the FBI, which led to the feds identifying Tor users linked to crimes. Details of any arrangements have been unclear, but evidence from a criminal case has confirmed a few facts.

Counterfeiters Have Been Painting Expired Olives To Sell Them

A sting operation in Italy has yielded an unlikely cache of loot: Over 85,000 tonnes of freshly painted green olives that police just seized from food counterfeiters.

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