How To Solve A Jewel Heist (and Why It Takes So Long)

London’s recent Hatton Garden heist was a burglary that to all intents and purposes appeared to be taken from a work of fiction. A daring raid that involved climbing down lift shafts, drilling through a reinforced concrete wall, gaining entry to a secure vault and breaking numerous secure metal safe boxes before making away with valuables, right under the noses of security and police.

High School Student Discovers The Best Way To Hide Evidence Of Murder

US high school student Brynn Myers decided to tackle a forensics topic for her science fair project this year. And in the process, she discovered how to commit murder and hide the evidence thoroughly.

Why We All Need To Stop Going On Cruises

Cruise ships are even worse than you think. ProPublica recently published a very alarming and downright dark interactive feature about health and safety on cruises. I’ll come right out and say it: Stop going on cruises. Don’t cruise. Don’t do it.

Failed Queensland ATM Theft Quickly Turns Into A Comedy Of Errors

Ah yes, the old “pull an ATM free using a vehicle” trick. It seems a simple premise, with what one would suspect is an equally straightforward execution, but seeing as most thieves aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, it’s a heist that often goes terribly wrong. Such is the case for this as-yet unidentified crook from Townsville, Queensland, who was undone by his own daftness.

We Want To Hear About The Worst Crowdfunding Scams And Failures 

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money. It’s also a great way to hardcore scam people, and we’re looking for the worst swindles, hoodwinks and old-fashioned ponzi schemes populating the teeming and poorly-regulated underbelly of the money-grubbing dream industry that you’ve seen. O Come All Ye Crowdfunding Horror Stories!

Convicted Silk Road Kingpin Ross Ulbricht Won't Be Getting A Retrial

The Silk Road’s convicted kingpin won’t get a new trial, a judge ruled today. A motion for retrial filed by Ross Ulbricht’s defence team was rejected by Judge Katherine Forrest.

How A Forensic Scientist Uses Dirt To Solve Murders 

Stuck to the bottom of your shoe is humble dirt that gives away where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. It’s up to science to figure out it out. Nature has a fascinating profile of forensic geologist Lorna Dawson, who has used soil to solve decades-old cold cases.

Fanboys Stab Each Other Over Android Vs Apple

The ever-heated battle over mobile ecosystems left two wounded fanboys today: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, two roommates were hospitalised after a drunken fight about the relative benefits of Android and Apple phones.

Online Extortionists Are Using Encryption As A Ransom Weapon

Most of the time we discuss encryption as a way to protect ourselves online, but an increasingly popular form of digital attack uses it as an extortion tool. Criminals are stealing personal files, encrypting them, and hold them hostage until their targets pay for the decryption key.

Inside The Fascinating World Of A Crime Scene Photographer

Video: Forensic photography is such an important part of solving crimes and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on throughout the process is so fascinating. Like most photography, forensic photographers utilise light to capture what they need to see. They match different crimes to different light wavelengths to pull out the relevant details.

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