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Adobe's Creative Cloud Has Already Been Pirated

Adobe’s shift to cloud-based software provision for its new Creative Cloud design suite was partly motivated by anti-piracy concerns. This, of course, means… it’s already been pirated.

You Can Download Adobe's Creative Cloud Right Now

Adobe pulled the covers off its shiny new Creative Cloud earlier this month, but it’s now finally available for you to get your grubby little hands on. From now on, you won’t be able to buy CS6 or CS7 — you’ll just buy a $50 per month subscription to CC.

Will Adobe's Move To The Cloud Finally Keep The Pirates At Bay?

Today, Adobe announced the latest round of updates to its ubiquitous software suite, with its Creative Cloud subscription service taking center-stage. Not only is the old Creative Suite moniker being dropped completely, but a whole slew of cloud-dependent features were introduced. While the updates will be a boon to a huge number of Adobe customers, it’s going to annoy the hell out of one core Adobe demo: the pirates.

Say Goodbye To Creative Suite: Adobe CS Is Now Creative Cloud

At Adobe’s annual MAX conference today, the company announced a major overhaul of the 10-year-old Creative Suite, which will now be known as Creative Cloud. From now on, you won’t buy CS6 or CS7 — you’ll buy a $50 per month subscription to CC (happily, the first year will only cost $30 for anyone with a CS3 or later serial number).

Adobe Reportedly Ditching Boxed Software: Will This Stop The Aussie Rorts?

Adobe’s recent strategy for defending its woeful Australian software prices has been to hammer home how apparently wonderful Creative Cloud is, even when asked rather directly about boxed software. It seems that’s no accident, with reports suggesting that boxed Adobe software will soon be a thing of the past.

Don't Believe The Adobe Price Cut Hype, It's Still Gouging You Silly

Late yesterday, we brought you the news that Adobe had buckled under the pressure of the Australia Tax inquiry brought on by the government and lowered local pricing to bring it more in line with US counterparts. You might thank benevolent Adobe for finally coming around to our way of thinking, but I’m here to tell you why you should be as angry with them as ever.

Adobe Nearly Blown Away By Winds Of Change

Adobe unveiled CS6 and Creative Cloud in San Francisco today. It trucked in a bunch of enormous, branded balloons because, you know, cloud. But it’s really windy today! And even with giant anchors, it’s having trouble keeping its stuff grounded.

Adobe Creative Cloud Will Be 40% Off For Current CS Customers

Adobe is betting big on Creative Cloud, but it’s also a bit pricey at $62.99 a month. So it just announced that current customers of CS3, CS4 or CS5 can snag it for $37.99 a month. Given that you have to sign up for a year, that’s a pretty darn good deal at $300 off over the course of 12 months. [Creative Cloud]

Adobe Creative Cloud And Creative Suite 6 Arrive

Adobe released its new Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 today, and clearly, it wants to push you towards the former. The company is betting big on its Internet-powered software and gambling that customers will pay to come along for the ride.