Motorcycle Surfing Looks Like An Exhilarating Way To Die

Riding a motorcycle isn’t enough. Surfing waves isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to surf your motorcycle to get your thrill on.

This Scooter Triple Backflip Doesn't Look Physically Possible

R Willy, the crazy scooter-er in this stunt, looks like he’s flipping an infinite amount of times but it’s actually just a triple backflip. Oh and it just so happens to be the first triple backflip on a scooter ever. I’ve watched the clip multiple times over and have gasped every time it seems like he’s just about to miss but actually ends up sticking the landing.

Check Out This Crazy Video Of A Stunt Plane Almost Hitting A Boat In Argentina

The insane flyby in question is part of a famous fishing festival in Argentina. As hundreds of eager fishermen race to stake out a spot, they are buzzed by low flying stunt planes. Because why not?

This BASE Jumping Video Shot In Dubai Makes You Feel Like You're Falling As You Watch

The Princess Tower is 413 metres high and currently the world’s tallest residential building and the second tallest building in Dubai. It is huge. So obviously when the building opened up their roof to base jump off of, 558 awesomely crazy daredevils joined up and pulled off all sort of crazy jumps. It’s like fear doesn’t exist.

Crazy Wingsuit Guy Smashes Right Through A Sign While Flying Super-Fast

Video: The last thing I would want to do while flying in a wingsuit (other than fly in a wingsuit) is to blast through a sign while flying. But wingsuit pilot Sebastian Alvarez is not me. He angled his flight route perfectly so that he would smash the Chilean flag sign on his way down. That is some sniper level of precision.

Video: The Crazy Inventions Of A Genius Mind

Video: Dominic Wilcox is a British artist, inventor and designer who makes witty and beautiful objects that challenge our notion of normal and how we see the world around us. This short documentary — directed by Liam Saint-Pierre — shows how his creative process works.

Fast And Furious 7 Actually Dropped Cars From A C-130 Plane

Video: The Fast & Furious movie franchise is consistently the most fun anyone can have in a movie theatre because the stuff they do is completely ridiculous and borderline insane. Like do you remember that scene from the Furious 7 trailer where they dropped cars from an aeroplane? That wasn’t CGI, that actually happened.

Pole Vaulting From A Pole Vaulter's Point Of View Looks Crazy

Video: You probably have to be a little crazy to be a pole vaulter. I mean, what normal person wants to catapult their bodies as high as possible? This GoPro footage of pole vaulter Allison Stokke filmed from her point of view confirms the crazy and shows the violent movements and perfect grace necessary to make each jump.

Watch A Tiger Jump Impossibly High For Meat In Slow Motion

Holy crap. I’m pretty sure the fence separating the tigers from the humans does absolutely nothing because these tigers can easily out jump it. Look at them gracefully fly in the air and snatch the meat like a wide receiver catching a touchdown pass. These beasts are basically basically comic book superhero versions of regular cats.

Watch This Virgin Atlantic 747 Jumbo Jet Land Without One Of Its Landing Gears

A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 had to make an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport, London, when its right landing gear got stuck. Amazingly enough, the pilots managed to keep control with only three of the four gears in place.

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