Video: Look How Close Blue Angels Fighter Jets Fly Together

Absurd. Like, seriously. Look at this fleet of Blue Angels jet planes fly in a perfect pattern in a practice session. The flight pattern they were practicing, I’m assuming here, is called “Let’s get these flying metal beasts as close as possible so that one inch of a mistake will kill us all”. The wing of one plane is right on top of the cockpit of the other. Nuts, these guys.

Watching This Guy Mountain Bike Down A Rocky Narrow Cliff Is Insanity

Video: This is just bananas. Coconuts. Hot Dogs. I don’t know. Just watch this guy, who I assume is either insane, has the biggest brass ones ever or lost a cruel bet, zoom down the narrowest of a mountain cliff on his mountain bike at super fast speeds. Sometimes, I don’t even see any trails or roads when I’m watching the video. Just sharp rocks and places to fall.

Fearless Guy In Kayak Drops Down A 60-foot Waterfall

Briefly: Another thing that I didn’t know was a thing. People who like to drop through big waterfalls, like Dane Jackson does in this video on the 60-foot La Tomata waterfall in central Veracruz, Mexico.

I Never Get Tired Of Seeing Lunatics Flying Into This Deadly Canyon

Another day, another insane person in a wingsuit who decides to fly into a narrow canyon full of razor-sharp rocks. This time it’s “athlete and flying cowboy, Marshall Miller” going through the Beehive line, in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona.

High-Up Hanging Videos Are So Insane That I Had To Stop Watching

About a third into this video of Russian kids doing their usual thing — climbing onto buildings, towers, and bridges with absolute disregard to their own life — I had to stop. I’ve seen things like this before, but this was too much.

You Won't Believe How Fast These Russian Kids Get Towed On Their Sleds

Witness the idiocy of these crazy Russian kids being towed in sleds at really high speeds. Make sure to watch the entire video, because it really gets nuts. How fast are they going? 60mph? More? I don’t know, but for sure it’s way too much.

Insane Video: Guy Walks Slackline Over 60m Pit Without Any Safety

Flaviu Cernescu is a daredevil who likes to walk slacklines and tightropes, as well as driving his monocycle on the craziest high places. This video shows one of his fearless antics over a 60m deep reservoir drain in Lake Iovanu, Romania. I feel like passing out every time I look at it.

The Real World Maverick Doing One Of His Crazy Tomcat Stunts

Unlike Maverick, Dale “Snort” Snodgrass was a real F-14 Tomcat pilot. The Tomcat pilot, according to the US Navy: He’s considered the “highest time Tomcat pilot, with over 4800 hours and more than 1200 arrested carrier landings.” Like Maverick, however, he did some pretty crazy stuff.

Watch Two Crazy People Climb The World's Second-Tallest Building

At this point, we’ve all seen the insane Russian dudes who dangle off of tall things. But that looks like child’s play when you see these Ukrainian guys scale the second tallest building in the world. Like, they literally go to the very top.

I Can't Stop Watching These Monster Wood-Cutting Machines In Action

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro Skidsteer Firewood Processor is just one of the many machines designed to turn trees into firewood at maximum speed. These ever-hungry metal monsters are the Four Horseman of the Industrial Apocalypse incarnated.