Russia Has More Diamonds In A Crater Than The Rest Of The World Has Combined

If you had more diamonds than the rest of the world combined hiding under an asteroid crater, would you tell anyone? Russia was happy to keep that knowledge a secret until now, finally revealing plans to begin tapping into a reserve containing trillions of carats worth of diamonds.

Is Our Moon Actually Two Moons That Smashed Into Each Other?

Some scientists are starting to believe that our moon is actually the result of a mid-air space collision of two moons. They say that the two-moon theory could explain why each side of the moon is so different from the other.

The Human Eye Looks Like A Crater

This is a stunning macro image of a human eye. Yes, an eye. It’s part of a series by Suren Manvelyan called “Your Beautiful Eyes”. Some eyes are electric, others are blooming and a few are haunting. All are amazing.

World's Best Preserved Crater Found Using Google Earth

This crater, located in a remote area of the Sahara desert, was discovered by researchers using Google Earth. And that’s actually not even the coolest part. Kamil, as the crater is called, may actually be the world’s best preserved crater.