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This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In The Desert For A TV Show

When a plane crashes in an accident, there’s no shortage of photos and video of the wreckage, while footage of the actual impact is rare. So to appease our morbid curiosity of what really happens when a large airliner crashes, the Discovery Channel deliberately downed a 727 in the desert for an upcoming show.

How Car Crash Modelling Technology Could Predict Drilling Disasters

It’s the billion-dollar question for offshore drilling giants: Could the Deepwater Horizon disaster have been prevented? Researchers at MIT’s Impact and Crashworthiness Laboratory may have found at least a partial answer — the same kind of computer modelling that predicts whether car components can hold their own in a crash could also forecast whether pipes will fracture at offshore drilling sites. A fractured pipe can mean the difference between a stable operation and a massive oil spill.

How Did No One Die In This Horrific Crash?

When first responders arrived at the scene of a crash on Indiana’s Sam Jones Expressway they saw the type of accident firefighters dread: A dozen crushed cars and an overturned 18-wheeler. Amazingly, there wasn’t a single fatality. How? [Jalopnik]

Everybody In This Plane Crash Survived

This vintage World War II B-17 bomber crashed this morning causing explosions with fireballs shooting 50 feet in the air. Amazingly, all seven people on board survived the crash without serious injury. The pictures from WGN-TV are absolutely stunning.

Le Mans Driver Walks Away From 320km/h Crash

When an Audi clips a Ferrari at 320km/h during a pass at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, this happens. The Audi driver, Alan McNish (seen above, mid-air), walked away from the crash. [The Daily]

Watch This Insta-Roadblock Murderise A 6800kg Truck

If you like your vehicle carnage fast and total, then you’ll probably just maybe be slightly interested in seeing what the Barrier1 Vehicle Arrestor does to a 6800kg truck travelling at 80km/h. Spoiler: it’s a bad day to be a truck.

No One Was Hurt In This Google Maps Plane Crash

Follow this link to a Google Maps shot of Alameda, California, and you’ll see an arresting site: a downed commercial aircraft spewing debris, with its wings snapped into pieces and its hull cut cleanly in half. It looks like a crash perfect enough for a TV show. And in fact that’s just what it was.

Three Russian GLONASS Satellites Are In The Pacific Following Catastrophic Rocket Launch

Heads up, Hawaii! Three Russian GLONASS satellites just went into the Pacific drink courtesy a failed Proton-M rocket launch in Kazakhstan. Дерьмо!

Crashing NASA Space Balloon Versus Car

In this corner: a multi-million dollar NASA-sponsored space balloon, crashing magnificently in the Australian desert. In the other: a dark SUV of indeterminate make and model. I’m not a betting man, but I’d say the smart money’s on the balloon.

Elderly Woman Rams Mobile Phone Store, Palm Pre Connection Questionable

Although the NBC Chicago News credits the elderly woman for being slightly too eager to get the Palm Pre, there doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence that she actually wants a Pre. Nice try Chicago. [NBC Chicago via]

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