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Giant Floating Arse Craps Itself, Crashes

Ladies and gents, the world’s largest aircraft that also looks like a butt has crashed.

Racing Hydroplanes Is So Terrifying

Video: Like NASCAR, hydroplane racing seems like one of those sports where fans only watch in hopes of seeing a spectacular crash. Making over-powered boats race at speeds of over 322km per hour might not be humanity’s best decision, but it makes for some impressively terrifying highlight videos when things go wrong. We’ll just stick with canoes, thank you.

Drone Crash Kills Power To Hundreds Of LA Residents

Drones: beloved by amateur photographers, scourge of air traffic controllers and firefighters. Now, you can add power companies to that list.

Part Of A Rocket Engine Landed In This Guy's Living Room

Part of a rocket engine crashes through the roof of a house in northeast China’s Shanxi province early Friday morning.

Watching NASA Crash A Bunch Of Stuff Is The Best Use Of Tax Dollars

Real-life crashes are terrifying, but simulated crashes are not only important for safety research, they’re also really, really fun to watch. So NASA’s Langley Research Center posted this montage of crash tests that’s as good a way as any to start a Tuesday morning.

Humans Can't Stop Crashing Into Google's Driverless Cars

Google’s driverless cars keep getting into fender-benders, and the company keeps stressing that the crashes aren’t a result of a computer glitch or rogue robotics system. Google’s cars are getting dinged for the same reason regular cars do: because people who drive make mistakes.

Google Will Now Tell You When Its Driverless Cars Crash

Last month, a vehicle rear-ended one of Google’s self-driving cars at a Mountain View intersection. No one was hurt, but Google didn’t exactly broadcast the news to the public. Now, anyone will be able to download monthly reports about where the cars are and what they’re doing, thanks to a new transparency initiative from Google.

Motorcyclist Crashes, Flips And Sticks A Perfect Landing On A Car's Roof

Video: If there is such thing as a perfect motorcycle accident, this might be it: a motorcyclist crashes full speed into a car that’s changing lanes. That’s bad. The crash launches his body into a spinning mess in the air. That’s definitely bad. But yet somehow he manages to flip and land standing up on the car’s roof.

Watch A TV Show Use A Train To Completely Obliterate A Car

Pure destruction. Top Gear wanted to see exactly what happens when a train smashes into a car stuck on the railroad tracks so they set up a test of their own: they put a minivan on the tracks and pummelled it with a speeding train. It gets pretty brutal.

Computer Inexperience Caused July Asiana Airlines Crash

Back in July, Asiana Flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport. Now, US authorities have explained that the accident occurred because the pilot didn’t understand the plane’s computerised auto-throttle system.

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