The World's Largest Tunnelling Machine Is (Finally) Getting Rescued 

Bertha, the world’s largest tunnelling machine, has been stuck under downtown Seattle since it broke in December 2013. Engineers have had to concoct a massive and expensive rescue plan — essentially a whole construction project in itself. And yesterday, the Bertha’s broken cutter head was finally hoisted out of the Earth.

Meet The Floating Super-Crane Building The Tappan Zee Bridge

At 100m, the crane stands taller than the Statue of Liberty, plus has a lifting capacity of 1800 tonnes. But what makes The Left Coast Lifter extra spectacular is that it operates by floating on a 117m barge powered by three diesel generators.

This Is How They Remove Crashed Airplanes Off An Aircraft Carrier Deck

A cool photo of a crash crane lifting a damaged Harrier jet off the deck of the US Navy’s amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge. The crash and salvage team regularly practice this kind of operations in case of an aeroplane crash. That crane is surprisingly huge — just look at the guy in the cabin and the aeroplane itself.

A Trip On The Hybrid Crane-Boats That Pull Wreckage From NYC Harbor

The US Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for keeping debris out of New York’s Harbor, whether it’s dead whales, helicopters, driftwood or floating docks. Without the Corps, the harbour and the outlying beaches of the Rockaways and the Jersey Shore would be filled with massive pieces of debris and ships would risk being critically damaged. Using specially equipped boats the Corps pulls flotsam and jetsam out of the water with cranes and nets.

Watch Construction Cranes Come To Life And Dance In A Fun Light Show

There are 42 tower cranes working together to build a brand new city district for more than 20,000 people in Vienna, Austria. It’s the biggest construction site in Europe right now. But it’s not always work work work for the cranes, they get to dance in a fun light show on their off day.

Monster Machines: The World's Biggest Hammerhead Crane Can Lift An Entire 747

Many of today’s seafaring megastructures would be nigh on impossible to build without the lifting assistance provided by dockside cranes. As we continue to build ever-bigger systems we’ll need ever bigger cranes, like the gigantic hammerhead from Kone.

Monster Machines: This 3600-Tonne Goliath Crane Has Laser Vision And A Robot Brain

Ships today — even the massive likes of the Emma Maersk and Marco Polo — just aren’t big enough to handle the demands of globalised trade. So, in order to quickly and safely build the next generation of super-sized LNG tankers and container vessels, China’s Dalian shipyard relies on GE’s staggeringly huge, laser-guided Goliath gantry crane.

How To Install An Escalator On The 101st Floor Of America's Tallest Building

Here we see an an escalator being hoisted up to the 101st floor of World Trade Center 1. (How did you think they got escalators up that high?) At first glance, the dizzying perspective of this photo will make your brain hurt.

Monster Machines: The 71m Tall, 4600-Tonne Crane That Builds Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft carriers are, how to say, big. Building them is a lot easier if you have a really, really big crane. Meet Big Blue. She’s the largest crane in the western hemisphere, and she’s hard at work piecing together the new Ford-class aircraft carriers in Newport News, Virginia.

Vladmir Putin Teaches Baby Birds To Fly, Because Russia

Like something out of a twisted Disney nightmare, President of Russia Vladmir Putin took to the skies, clothed in white overalls and a faux beak, and rigged into a strange flying contraption, in a fantastic effort to teach darling baby birdies — cranes, to be precise — how to fly.