AMD Has New, Low-Power APUs For You To Tinker With

AMD has a couple of new accelerated processing units (APUs, natch) for your consumption. They’re interesting mainly because they have some of the most powerful integrated graphics chipsets you’ll find in a CPU, and they can be tweaked for lower power consumption and heat output.

AMD's New APU Lets You Configure Its Heat Output

AMD announced a few new Accelerated Processing Units a few days ago, which isn’t in and of itself particularly interesting. What is, though, is the fact that AMD is letting users configure the overall thermal output of one of the chips, catering to both enthusiasts and those that want low-power computing.

A Former Intel CPU Engineer Shares Some Fascinating Insights On Reddit

A former CPU researcher for Intel put together an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit over the weekend, where he answered the online community’s questions about his experience designing processors and working with the nano-level technology that powers your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. ‘eabrek’, to use his Reddit alias, had some brilliant insights about the past, present and future direction for processing tech.

The Kickass Processors That Will Power Your Next Computer

Bits and pieces of info about Intel’s brand new 4th generation processors have been dripping out for months now. Good graphics, crazy battery life. Exciting stuff. Finally, though, we’ve got a full view of the guts that’ll power most of next year’s computers. And the future looks very, very bright.

Under The Hood: Meet AMD's New History-Making, 16-Core Beast

Your quad-core computer doesn’t seem so great anymore now, does it, champ? AMD’s Opteron 6200 boasts 16 cores running at up to 2.6 GHz each. That is a lot of number crunching. Sadly, the monster isn’t made for you.

Under The Hood: Comparing Processors

A little online research can make you a much better consumer when it comes time to buy a new processor, or for that matter a new PC. Here’s how.

One Dude Beats AMD's Overclocking World Record (8.46 GHz!)

Just last month, AMD staged an event to squeeze an amazing 8429.38MHz out of its FX-8150 processor. The highest-clocked CPU in the world — it was a big production. And now they’ve been beat by a team of one.

This Chip Might Power The Cheap Superphones Of Tomorrow

ARM’s new ultra-efficient Cortex-A7 processor isn’t going to do anything for smartphones today. But in the near future, it’ll be doing what today’s fastest CPUs do at a sliver of the price, eating a sliver of the battery life.

AMD's 8-Core Bulldozer CPU Is Here At Last

More than a year after its inception, AMD’s eight-core FX CPU (codename: Bulldozer) is finally available for purchase. The chip is geared towards resource heavy applications, such as HD video editing and multi-display gaming.

Fujitsu K, The 548,352-Core Supercomputer

This approachable perspex box is a section of the Fujitsu K. Despite looking like it should be selling Mars bars, cans of Coke, condoms and toothbrushes to businessmen, this cabinet makes up part of the current “world’s fastest supercomputer”.