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Some Apple iPhone 6s Processors Can Give 20 Per Cent Less Battery Life

The culprit here is apparently the new A9 processor, which is sourced from two different companies. Some users are seeing benchmark battery life almost 2 hours shorter, as well as a small performance different. So which CPU does your 6s have, and are you affected?

Intel and Micron Team Up To Announce Revolutionary New Memory Technology

Dubbed 3D Xpoint, the new tech promises to be up to 1000 times faster than current NAND used in SSDs. It’s not just some pie in the sky might be invention — it’s slated to go on sale in 2016.

Out Of Thermal Paste For Your PC? Just Use Nutella

If you’ve ever gone elbow-deep inside your computer to do some tweaking, you know all about the joys(?) of meticulously applying thermal paste or grease. Even if you’re a pro at applying the goop, there’s a trick that you probably don’t know about: You can just use Nutella instead. Seriously.

DARPA's Chipset Runs An Astonishing One Trillion Cycles Per Second

DARPA’s boffins have just set a new world record in computing with a solid-state integrated circuit that packs the power of a supercomputer into a single chip. You thought your six-core, 3.9Ghz Mac Pro was a computational powerhouse? This single chip is around 250 times as fast.

Microsoft Gives Xbox One CPU Boost

Not only is the Xbox One’s graphics powers getting better, the CPU in the Xbox One is now going to be faster than what was originally announced. The Xbox One’s CPU will now clock in at 1.75GHz which beats the 1.6GHz speed we originally thought we were going to get. Free hertz is always a win.

Intel Haswell Review: Can A Laptop CPU Keep Enthusiasts Happy?

Faster hardware shouldn’t be this somber. Yet we can’t help but furrow our brow in concern over Intel’s fourth-generation Core i7 CPU, Haswell. Yes, in typical Intel fashion, it’s a tour de force of technical achievement and features that’s the envy of the free world. It’s also, by the way, quite fast.

This AMD Chip Is The First 5.0GHz CPU You Can Actually Buy

AMD just one-upped its own series of eight-core FX processors, and the golden child of this newest lineup is unquestionably the FX-9590, which it claims to be the world’s “first-ever 5GHz processor”. While technically that record was already beaten — and by AMD itself, no less — it is, in fact, the first commercially available 5GHz CPU processor.

Intel's Silvermont CPUs Helard A Serious Push Into Mobile

Intel’s Atom cores have caught a lot of guff, mainly thanks to bad memories of the netbook days. But now the new Silvermont CPU architecture is low-powered and packs a performance punch, positioning Intel to make a big push into mobile.

Build The Best Bang For The Buck PC

We all know that, generally speaking, buying the newest top-end part gets you the most performance. But, in most cases, the premium you pay for that part covers a whole lot of other stuff as well that has no bearing on frame rates or video encoding times.

The Most Grotesque Fanless CPU Cooler I've Ever Seen

Official description: “The Zalman CNPS FX100-Cube is fanless and noiseless CPU cooler, which does not draw dust or generate vibration due to its passive operation.” Unofficial description: LOOK AT THIS FREAKING MONSTER HEATSINK!

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