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Paper For iPad Hands-On: So This Is What Microsoft's Courier Team Were Working On

Like Tapose, which made its debut on the iPad yesterday, Paper is a place to store ideas. But unlike the former — which is backed by J. Allard, the latter is more sketchbook than scrapbook, and comes from a group of individuals — FiftyThree, Inc. — who once worked on the now-defunct Courier project.

Tapose: The Ghost Of The Microsoft Courier Lives In Your iPad

Unlike every tablet that looks like every other tablet that looks like an iPad, Microsoft’s Courier was bold, imaginative and different. Of course, it got killed and was never released. But the spirit is still alive! The Courier’s dual pane versatility lives on with Tapose.

Why Microsoft Chose Windows 8 Over Courier

CNET is delving further into the death of the Microsoft Courier, looking at the differences between Steven Sinoksky and J Allard, who ran the Windows 8 and Courier projects respectively. They say that Sinofsky’s business-minded pragmatism and Windows 7 salvage job ultimately swayed Ballmer to follow his vision.

The True Story Of The Microsoft Courier's Tragic Death

The Microsoft Courier died an unfortunate death, which was somewhat shrouded in mystery. Now Cnet has the full story, which chalks it up to bureaucracy, a fear of losing its corporate customer base, and an unyielding loyalty to established brands like Windows.

Courier Rising, Fox Falling, And Other Stories We Didn't Post

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn’t possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn’t worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case.

Last Xbox Creator Leaves Microsoft (And Why That’s Depressing)

Entertainment & Devices is the division of Microsoft that makes the cool shit. Xbox, Zune, Windows Phone. Courier. J. Allard was its figurehead for years. He left. And now Otto Berkes, the last original Xbox founder, is gone too.

Microsoft Closes Down Unit Behind Courier Tablet

Microsoft has finally gone and offed Pioneer Studios, the operation that was behind the now dead, and still awesome, Courier tablet. The studio was the baby of J Allard, who broke up with Microsoft a year ago, and helped develop consumer electronics and experiences with products like Windows Phone 7, Xbox, Zune and the absolute flop that was the Kin. [Cnet]

Microsoft-Backed E-Reader Tablet Loves To Share With Others

Few e-readers are as intimate as this prototype from Nicholas Chen. Look how they communicate in that video! The only caveat it’s backed by Microsoft Research. We all know what happened the last time they teased something like this.

App Might Be Able To Turn iPad Into Fabled Microsoft Courier

There’s a Kickstarter project that’s inspired from the promise of the ill-fated Microsoft Courier and delivers a similar “two-panel” experience to the iPad. Interested? Yeah, us too. It’s called Taposé and it comes with an adjustable split screen interface that’s supposed to let you “interact with multiple apps simultaneously in the company of Taposé collections”.

The Best Exclusives Of The Year

These are the stories you couldn’t find anywhere else. From Apple’s security slips to Facebook’s prolific profile breach, check out Gizmodo’s best Exclusives from 2010.

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